Jenna Dewan’s due date: When is she likely to be expecting?

Jenna Dewan on the red carpet at an event.
Jenna Dewan is pregnant with her second child. Pic credit: ©

Jenna Dewan and Steve Kazee have been dating for roughly a year. The two have kept their romance low-key, sharing most of their moments on social media and not out in the public eye. Dewan and Kazee just announced they are expecting their first child together.

Back in April 2018, Jenna Dewan and Channing Tatum revealed they were splitting up. This was shocking news to fans who had followed the couple for years. After the split was confirmed, the two went their separate ways.

Jenna met Steve Kazee, and the two revealed they were dating in October 2018. At that point, they had been together for a few months according to the reports.

Details surrounding Jenna Dewan’s pregnancy aren’t readily available. The couple confirmed they are expecting and that was the end of it. Given the minimal information, fans and followers are curious about Jenna Dewan and her due date.

Based on when most people typically announce they are expecting, it is likely that Jenna Dewan is roughly 12 weeks along in her pregnancy. That is considered the safe zone and the time where many announce their pregnancies because the risk of miscarriage and other pregnancy complications drops dramatically.

If she is at that point, Jenna Dewan is due around April 7, 2020. Of course, it could be at any point during the beginning of that month, but that is the safest bet.

This will be Jenna Dewan’s second child as she shares a daughter named Everly with Channing Tatum. Steve Kazee doesn’t have other children, so this is his first child.

The couple appears to be going strong and adding another member to their family is exciting. A baby is a blessing, and both Dewan and Kazee are relishing in their news as the next couple of months will lead to a life-changing moment when they welcome their little one into the world.

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