Jenna Dewan spins on a pole to get fans excited for Let’s Get Physical

Jenna Dewan gazes into the camera.
Jenna Dewan performed an enticing pole dance in tight spandex. Pic credit: © Acosta/Image Press Agency

Jenna Dewan pole danced in tight-fitting spandex to get her fans excited for her new movie, Let’s Get Physical.

The high-rise spandex leggings were black and perfectly hugged her body to accentuate her toned physique. Jenna paired the leggings with a neon yellow sports bra that allowed the camera to capture her toned abs and muscular arms.

Jenna wore her dark brown hair loose and let it whip around her as she danced. Her makeup was classic and understated, with soft eyeliner, rosy cheeks, and pink lips.

The 41-year-old actress and dancer wrapped both her legs around the pole and spun quickly before a silly moment that ended in laughter. Jenna breathed heavily before declaring she wanted to go again.

Jenna’s muscular body and strength were highlighted in her dance performance, along with her fun personality. Her overall look was athletic, sexy, and fun.

The backup dancer for Janet Jackson posted the video to Instagram on Saturday and included in her caption, “If you like to laugh, have fun, all while opening your mind to some new perspectives then this is your film.” The video earned over 20,000 likes.

Jenna Dewan spoke on the Tamron Hall Show

Jenna was a guest on the Tamron Hall Show and spoke more about her upcoming movie. On the show, she talked about how difficult it was to learn to pole dance and the amount of upper body strength that it takes.

The actress described the tone of the show as fun, funny, and cheeky. While the content of the show is based on a sex scandal, Jenna still wanted to give the movie a more light-hearted feeling.

Jenna Dewan loves to dress up for spooky season

As an actor and dancer, Jenna absolutely loves to dress up. Jenna posted throwback photos of her previous Halloween costumes to show off her love for spooky season.

Each of her costumes was unique and perfectly executed. The outfits featured a dazzling unicorn look with purple hair, Belle from Beauty and the Beast, a beautiful fairy covered in flowers, and more.

The last outfit showed a life-sized image of a skeleton on Jenna, with another smaller skeleton as a baby on her belly.

Jenna wrote in her caption, “Tis the spoOoOky season! Some of my past favorites”, with an emoji of a ghost.

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