Jen Selter shows off an intense workout with an inspiring message

Jen Selter close up
Jen Selter gets in an intense workout with a beautiful view. Pic credit: @jenselter/Instagram

Jen Selter is an absolute fitness queen, and she has the workout moves to prove it.

The internet celebrity demonstrated an intense workout for arms, abs, and legs, and somehow she made it look easy.

But Jen took her post to the next level, as she often loves to do. She wrote about being consistent and getting outside on one’s comfort zone.

Her inspiring message included, “When starting your fitness journey it’s important to take small steps and be proud of yourself every step of the way!!”

The fitness model donned the perfect ensemble to show off the benefits of all her hard work.

She was stunning in a bright purple bikini that complemented her toned and fit physique.

Jen elevated her athletic look with a matching purple hat and sleek white gym shoes.

She donned several silver bracelets, and the weights and resistance bands also enhanced the outfit.

The influencer’s view was just as lovely, as the balcony view showed an ocean view with lush greenery all around it.

Jen Selter promotes Fitplan workouts

Jen’s incredible video wasn’t just a killer workout, but it was also a promotion for Fitplan workouts.

The social media star finished off her caption with, “SAVE AND SMASH THESE MOVES!!! Join me on the @fitplan_app for all workout programs 💪🏼.”

Jen Selter has incredible workout plans available on the app, where she encourages the app users with great exercise options like the ones she performed.

Fitplan is a user-friendly app that allows one’s gym game to reach the next level through top-notch workout plans and instructors.

It can clearly do wonders for someone’s figure, as was perfectly demonstrated through Jen’s workout.

The app was likely happy with Jen’s promotion, as she shared it with her 13.6 million followers.

Jen Selter practiced acrobats at a Nature’s Way event

Jen’s favorite brands don’t end with Fitplan. She also adores Nature’s Way.

The brunette beauty attended a Nature’s Way event that was held at the Chelsea Factory, and she looked like she had a blast.

She shared a video to Instagram that showed her perfoming yet another skill, acrobats, with a friend.

She was surrounded by beautiful green plants, which made the indoor area look magical.

Nature’s Way is a health and wellness company that sells a variety of products to help aid in one’s overall wellness.

Jen loved one product in particular and said so in her caption.

“Their products are some of my absolute favorites for supporting my immune system and body function so I was so excited to attend! Try the sambucus gummies and thank me later 💚,” she wrote.

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