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Jen Selter enjoys breakfast in skimpy bikini

Jen Selter close up
Jen Selter close up. Pic credit: @idreamaboutfood/Instagram

Fitness model Jen Selter has been fueling up for the day while in a peach bikini.

The social media star and workout queen is a regular with her food displays, and a video shared ahead of the weekend reminded her Instagram followers how healthy eating is done.

Jen posted with a figure display as she went fruity and fresh with her breakfast.

Footage showed the brunette showing off her fresh-cut fruit as she shoved half of a melon towards the camera. Here, Jen modeled a near-matching and pale orange bikini top with a gold clasp at the bust.

Fans then saw Jen adding in cottage cheese as the half melon sat on a marbled kitchen surface, surrounded by heart-shaped pots of red fruits.

The result was a layered breakfast topped with syrup or honey and a smoothie added in.

Jen then enjoyed her breakfast while bikini-clad and on a gorgeous ocean-view balcony.

The “Make Breakfast With Me” video, shared with the star’s 13 million+ followers, also came with a pop culture edge. Jen chose Grammy winner Britney Spears and singer Sir Elton John’s latest Hold Me Closer single to accompany her video.

Jen Selter knows a healthy breakfast

In a caption, the 29-year-old told fans, “Good Morning loves!! You know @Idreamaboutfood 😂 If you don’t follow my food page, go do it!!!”

She continued, “Time for another boat party! Make my everyday blended coffee and breakfast with me ❤️
I stuffed my melon with CC and a bunch of my favorite fruits!! Keep tagging me in your creations, I love to see it!”

Jen also runs her I Dream About Food Instagram offering up healthy recipes. The feed boasts over 270,000 followers.

Jen Selter twins clothing with fruit items

Jen knows the art of social media. Shortly before posting her breakfast video, she shared a watermelon-themed one. Fans saw her in her kitchen with a juicer as she got to work with tons of watermelon.

The influencer and workout junkie matched her outfit to the fruit, wearing tight and ribbed leggings and a matching sports bra in watermelon-red.

“What to do with a HUGE watermelon?! I cut up half of it and made some fresh hydrating juice shots, and wow!!! So sweet, I didn’t need to add any extra ingredients🍉 what is your favorite #watermelon recipe at the moment?” she captioned the video.