Jen Hatmaker, Christian author, files for divorce

Jen Hatmaker on Instagram
Jen Hatmaker has announced that she and her husband Brandon are divorcing. Pic credit: @jenhatmaker/Instagram

Author Jen Hatmaker took to Instagram on Sunday to reveal that she has filed for divorce from her husband Brandon Hatmaker.

Hatmaker, a popular Christian writer,  captioned her post by writing, “Pray for us.”

She thanked her fans for their support before announcing the shocking divorce news, writing, “I don’t know how to say this, and I still cannot believe I am even saying it, but Brandon and I are getting divorced.”

“Although the details are ours alone, this was completely unexpected, and I remain stunned as we speak. I am shocked, grief-stricken, and broken-hearted,” she continued.

She then asked her fans to pray for her family and respect their privacy. She also pleaded with trolls to “spare us your cruelty.”

“We have suffered so greatly. (Hateful comments that harm our family will be deleted.),” Hatmaker wrote.

Hatmaker filed for divorce from Brandon on August 21, at Hays County 22nd District Court in Texas, according to The Roys Report. The reason for the divorce was not disclosed in the court filings.

Jen Hatmaker divorce announcement
Pic credit: @jenhatmaker/Instagram

Hatmaker’s shocking announcement came after she took to Facebook on July 31 to ask her supporters for prayers. But she did not reveal the issue at the time.

It also comes soon after she revealed that her daughter, Sydney, is a lesbian.

There’s been an outpouring of love and support on social media

Following the unexpected divorce announcement, fans took to social media to show support and love for Jen and her family.

Hundreds of fans posted comments on her Instagram page expressing their sympathy.

“I love you. I love your family. Praying for peace and guidance for all of you,” one fan wrote.

Another person posted, “I love you, I’m with you, and I will fight anyone for you.”

“Sweet Jen. I am praying so hard for you. Know how loved and supported you are,” another supporter posted.

Some attacked Jen Hatmaker on social media

Despite Hatmaker pleading that people should avoid trolling and posting hate comments, some took to Jen’s Instagram to post nasty and mean comments.

Some claimed that her divorce was due to her lack of a good relationship with God while others accused her of being a “false teacher” and “heretic.”

Hatmaker suffered a backlash from conservative Christians after she came out to declare her support for gay civil rights back in 2016.

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Pic credit: @Broken_Devotion/Twitter
Jessica Kantrowitz
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Who is Jen Hatmaker?

Jen Hatmaker is a popular New York Times bestselling Christan author, blogger, speaker, and social media influencer.

Jen and Brandon Hatmaker founded the Austin New Church in Austin, Texas.

You can find her here on Instagram, where she has more than 524,000 followers. You can also find her here on Facebook, where she has more than 770,000 followers.

She is known for her New York Times bestseller For the Love. She also appeared with her family on HGTV’s Your Big Family Renovation.

Jen and Brandon married in 1993 and they have five children.

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