Jeffree Star’s FBI investigation: What we know so far about the black market cosmetics probe

Jeffree Star breaks down robbery and FBI involvement. Pic credit: Jeffree Star/YouTube

Jeffree Star has been dealing with quite a bit lately, but until now has shared very little of it with fans and followers. Now, the makeup mogul finally uploaded the previously promised video explaining exactly what happened recently that led to an FBI investigation.

Just days ago, makeup groups began buzzing about what was going on with Jeffree Star and the leak of his upcoming concealer line. It turns out, things were way darker than just a leak. Instead, it turns out that $2.5 million worth of product was stolen from one of the warehouses by a very organized group of people who literally came in Mission Impossible-style through the roof to rob him.

While many products were stolen, one of the most shocking was the entire C5 shade of Jeffree Star’s unreleased Magic Star concealer. He revealed in the YouTube video that whoever stole it then began trying to sell the makeup on the black market, leading to one woman sharing photos of the unreleased product in Facebook groups as she tried to drum up interest in buying it.

Jeffree Star did confirm that the thieves have been found and there are people in jail right now after he worked with the FBI.

He also knows exactly who the woman was who put the product photos on Facebook and while she has since apologized, he doesn’t seem very forgiving.

The robbery actually took place a few weeks back, on the same night that the epic Blue Blood launch happened. It took nearly two weeks for pictures of the stolen makeup to start popping up on Facebook as one person attempted to sell it on the black market.

Jeffree Star opted not to share the name of the person behind the Facebook posts but those interested in seeing the posts or knowing who it was can easily find that information on Facebook.

Jeffree did confirm that the concealer launch has been postponed just a little bit so that the line can be properly revealed and launched later in April. He says that the 30 concealer shades and a line of setting powders coming out will be amazing as all of the Jeffree Star products are.

It was also shared that Jeffree has full coverage insurance so while the robbery has been personally devastating, it won’t impact his bottom line because it will all be reimbursed. The warehouses will also be tightening up security to ensure that another robbery cannot happen.

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