Jeffree Star engaged? Ring in Instagram story leaves fans guessing!

Jeffree Star and Nathan Schwandt share news of their new puppy
Jeffree Star and Nathan Schwandt have been dating for years but are they engaged? Pic credit: Jeffree Star/YouTube

Jeffree Star, the amazingly talented makeup artist and entrepreneur, took to Instagram Live last night to talk about how he had been playing pinball for five hours. While he seemed into the conversation, fans were more curious about the massive ring on his finger. Is he engaged to boyfriend, Nathan Schwandt?

Needless to say, Twitter went crazy with guesses that he was engaged to Nate. The two met via Instagram back in 2015, and they are currently living together in Calabasas in California.

If the two are engaged, it seems to be a well-kept secret. Nate and Jeffree haven’t confirmed any decisions to take their relationship to the next level, and this video on Instagram Live is the first hint that he could be engaged.

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They met virtually when Nathan slid into Star’s DM and after a few months, Jeffree invited Nate to come to Los Angeles. A flirty fling quickly turned into so much more.

Nathan has been accused of being a golddigger, but Star has put the rumors to rest. The two actually started dating before Jeffree launched his makeup company and his YouTube channel.

All of these things came after, according to Your Tango.  The website reveals that Nate played a role in encouraging Jeffree to pursue these ventures to grow his brand.

The website also reveals that while Jeffree does call himself Nate’s wifey, the two are not in a rush to get married. However, that doesn’t mean that they didn’t get engaged.

Plus, they both like to wear rings, so the video on Jeffree Star’s Instagram Live could just be a ring that he likes and that just fits on that finger. It is quite possible that an engagement did not happen.

Back in 2014, Jeffree Star launched his own makeup line, something that even the best in the industry call a massive success story, according to Cosmopolitan. He used his life savings and launched the business, only to have it sell out within minutes. Given his success, settling down with Nate may be the next natural step.

Stay tuned to see if Jeffree Star confirms or denies the engagement. One thing is for sure – fans are thrilled and excited for him.

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