JayDaYoungan gets his chain back after it was snatched at concert

Rapper JayDaYoungan
Rapper JayDaYoungan’s chain got his chain back after it was snatched from him at a show. Pic credit: JayDaYoungan/YouTube.

A video recently emerged online showing someone who claimed to have snatched Louisiana rapper JayDaYoungan’s chain during a show in North Carolina, where he performed over the weekend of Saturday, November 30.

According to online rumors, the person who snatched the chain passed away due to a violent act, and JayDaYoungan has got his chain back.

The latest developments come after a video clip surfaced online a few days ago, allegedly showing the moment the man snatched the chain from JayDaYoungan.

What happened in the video was not clear. However, it appears (see video below) to show an onstage melee while JayDaYoungan was performing at The Blind Tiger in Greensboro, N.C.

After the incident, a person posted a video showing a hand holding the alleged chain. Someone can be heard in the video saying the rapper should come to get his chain back.

“Hey what you say again?” the person holding the chain says.

“Ima saying tell him [JayDaYoungan] come get his s**t,” a voice can be heard saying on a phone line.

The context of the conversation was not clear. However, rapper JayDaYoungan later took to Twitter to claim the person did not snatch the chain from off his neck. Instead, he said they picked it up from the floor after it dropped when he was leaving the venue.

“Don’t believe the hype. N***as scary af fr, reach for sum s**t then try to run! Dont even get it but wait til my security pull me out the club.”

Chain snatcher allegedly dead

A rumor since emerged online that the person who snatched the chain from JayDaYoungan has died.

YouTube star DJ Akademiks (Livingston Allen), who has more than 2.3 million followers on Instagram, posted a photo yesterday of the alleged perpetrator alongside an image of JayDaYoungan.

“Man who allegedly took JayDaYoungan chain has allegedly passed way, RIP,” the message on the photo read.

“Senseless violence,” Akademiks captioned the images.

JayDaYoungan gets his chain back

Shortly after Akademiks announced the alleged chain snatcher died, he took to Instagram once again to report that JayDaYoungan’s chain had been returned to him.

He posted a short video showing a masked youth, presumably JayDaYoungan, puffing on a joint inside a car and listening to rap music. After showing off a thick wad of cash, the person unzipped his jacket to show a chain around his neck.

“#jaydayoungan chain has been returned to him,” Akademiks captioned the video.

Instagram users began speculating about how the person died. Many commenters said the alleged chain snatcher was to blame for his death, and they were not surprised about what happened to him after he disrespected JayDaYoungan.

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