Jason Momoa turns up the heat with a reminder from New Zealand

Jason Momoa at the 94th Academy Awards at Dolby Theater
Jason looks handsome as he poses for photographers on the red carpet. Pic credit: ©

Jason Momoa took a break from his workday to remind his fans to take care of the environment.

The Hollywood heartthrob was shirtless during his lunch break while working in New Zealand and took a moment to deliver a message to his 17.1 million Instagram followers.

Clad in nothing but a pair of shorts, Jason recorded himself on set for an undisclosed project as he clutched a can of his Mananalu brand’s bottled water.

Looking tanned and toned as his skin glistened in the warmth of the sun, Jason panned his phone’s camera around to show his followers what his castmates were up to during their lunch breaks.

“Lunch break… we’re on set… gettin’ after it,” Jason began his recording. He showed his excitement as he held up his can of Mananalu water and announced, “Look what came in!”

Apparently, Jason’s friends worked hard to get his brand of water to him on set, which is, of course, packaged in recyclable aluminum but isn’t yet available in the southern hemisphere.

Jason Momoa goes shirtless to remind his fans to recycle

“We gotta stop single-use plastic,” Jason said, reminding his fans, “You gotta recycle.”

Jason noted that although Mananalu isn’t yet available in New Zealand, there are plenty of other good choices, but he reminded his fans not to choose waters packaged in plastic and to choose glass or aluminum instead.

The Aquaman hunk wished his followers well before blowing a kiss to the camera, saying, “Muah!”

Text over Jason’s video read, “@mananalu.water has arrived. hopefully some day we can be in the southern hemisphere but for now. choose aluminum cans or glass all my aloha. please recycle.”

Jason has dedicated much of his free time to saving the planet. Particularly, he has worked to eliminate single-use plastics to protect our oceans.

Jason is passionate about saving the oceans by eliminating single-use plastics

He is so dedicated to the cause that he even shaved his head to raise awareness. While visiting his native Hawaii, Jason griped about the overabundance of single-use plastics and once again reminded his fans and followers to recycle while he videoed himself shaving off his long hair.

Jason’s Mananalu bottled water brand aims to remove plastic waste — on their website, they tout, “we remove the equivalent of one plastic water bottle from ocean-going waste for every Mananalu bottle that’s sold.”

Mananlau can be purchased in bulk on their website or in grocery stores such as Sprouts Farmers Market, Foodland, and Save Mart.

Recently, Jason expanded his business endeavors. In addition to his vodka brand, Meili, he also collaborated with So iLL to bring a line of shoes, bags, climbing gear, and apparel to their collection called So iLL X On the Roam.

Some of Jason’s pieces include t-shirts, socks, scrunchies, boxer briefs, beanies, cutlery, and sunglasses. And, of course, all of the products are packaged and shipped plastic-free.

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