Jason Momoa shaved his head to save the oceans

Jason Momoa on the red carpet
Jason Momoa shaved his head for a good cause. Pic credit: ©

Jason Momoa buzzed off his famous long locks to draw attention to a worldly cause.

The Aquaman actor is a passionate advocate for saving the environment and often speaks out against using single-use plastics.

Jason made a stand against single-use plastics in a recent Instagram share, where he videoed himself getting his long hair shaved off with a pair of clippers.

“Aloha, everyone,” Jason said in the video before asking someone to hand him his newly-shorn braids as he held them up for the camera. “So… shaving off the hair. Doing it for single-use plastics. I’m tired of these plastic bottles. We gotta stop. Plastic forks… all that s**t. It goes into our land, goes into our oceans.”

“I’m here in Hawaii right now, and just seeing things in our ocean, it’s just so sad,” he added, pleading for his 17.1 million Instagram followers to do their part to help eliminate single-use plastics in their lives. “Help me, help me. Plastic bottles are ridiculous.”

He captioned his video with a similar message, signing off with his signature, “aloha j,” and was sure to tag his aluminum-based bottled water company, Mananalu Water.

Jason Momoa shaves off long locks in the name of environmentalism

Saving the planet is Jason’s passion. In June 2022, the hunky actor was named UNEP‘s (UN Environment Programme) official advocate for Life Below Water. In his role, he’ll aid to “ensure better management and conservation of the ocean and its resources.”

Jason is a passionate advocate for saving the oceans and eliminating single-use plastics

The Hawaiian native spoke of the ocean’s importance to him: “For me, the ocean is an ancient teacher, a guide and a muse. It is also existential. Without a healthy ocean, life on our planet as we know it would not exist,” the motorcycle enthusiast said.

On Instagram, following the announcement, Jason shared a photo of himself with his kids, Lola and Nakoa-Wolf, who supported their dad in his efforts.

“With great respect, admiration, and humility, I join the UN family and commit to the critically important work: to manage, protect and preserve the Ocean and all living creatures on our beautiful, BLUE planet,” he captioned the post.

Jason recently delightfully surprised some unsuspecting airline passengers when he rolled a cart filled with his aluminum-bottled Mananalu Water and handed them to each one as he greeted them mid-air. His actions proved that he’s not just a great actor who’s easy on the eyes but also a passionate advocate who cares about his fans as much as the environment.

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