Jason Momoa leaves little to the imagination, rides bike shirtless in spandex

Jason Momoa on the red carpet
Jason Momoa has been cycling in some very revealing spandex. Pic credit: © Bennight/AdMedia

Actor Jason Momoa has left almost nothing to the imagination by donning a particularly skimpy spandex outfit while going for a bike ride.

The Aquaman actor has been marking Earth Week 2022 by posting videos on Instagram encouraging his fans to make small changes to help the environment.

Momoa is particularly motivated to end single-use plastic and has asked folks to take simple measures like swapping out plastic cups for recyclable aluminum cups.

Jason Momoa dons spandex to encourage more bicycle riding

However, in one of his more recent videos, Momoa also suggested that folks cut back on using their cars and try to cycle more. He decided to practice what he preached, thereby taking his bicycle to work.

The actor emerged from his van in a super tight, super revealing pink and black spandex outfit. At one point, he removed a water bottle from his, ahem, crotch region. And after taking a slug, he slyly looked at the camera and said, “Where else am I gonna put it.”

Momoa suggested that fans ditch their cars: “We all know gas prices are crazy,” he told the camera. He joked that fans could either find someone to give them a piggyback to work, or they could simply cycle.

The Hollywood star then jumped on his bike and shouted, “It’s good for your heart, saving the planet, riding a bike.”

Towards the end of the video, he spotted his alter ego riding a skateboard and drinking from a plastic bottle. Enraged, Momoa shouted, “Hey, no plastic, man,” and flung his bottle at the head of the skateboarder. The skateboarding Momoa fell to the ground, and after laughing, the actor called out, “make sure you recycle that.”

Jason Momoa wants to end single-use plastic for Earth Week 2022

Momoa’s humorous video was in aid of Earth Week 2022 and features as part of a series of informative and whacky posts detailing his “mission to end single-use plastic.” So far, he’s posted four videos with little tips and life hacks on cutting back on plastic items.

In the videos, Momoa has tagged in some fellow Hollywood celebrities who he’s hoping to get on board with his drive to rid the planet of single-use plastic; these have included Ryan Reynolds, Gal Gadot, Chris Hemsworth, and others.

It’s been a busy time for Jason Momoa recently as he tries to move on from his relationship with ex-wife Lisa Bonet. The pair, who had begun dating way back in 2005, ended their marriage in January 2022. Momoa has already had to deny rumors that he’s romantically involved with Kate Beckinsale.

On the acting side of things, Momoa fans can expect to see him star in the upcoming live-action adaptation of the video game Minecraft. Last week, it was confirmed that he is in final negotiations with Warner Brothers for a starring role.

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