Jason Momoa is still rocking his Hawaiian Malo while trying to hitch a ride

Jason Momoa close up
Jason Momoa was caught looking hot as ever on the side of the road. Pic credit: © Bennight/AdMedia

STOP EVERYTHING. Jason Momoa was caught hitchhiking with a group of friends wearing nothing but a traditional Hawaiian malo, and the photo is almost too hot for humankind.

The three men held their thumbs up in the air as they stood on the side of a rural road waiting for a ride.

Beyond the skimpy loincloth, Jason also rocked an oversized neckpiece, but let’s be honest – no one was really looking at his accessories.

Jason’s signature long brown locks were tied back, almost as if he knew everyone would want them out of the way of his muscular physique.

The hunky Hawaiian is reportedly gearing up for his starring role on the upcoming Apple TV+ historical drama series Chief of War, which will have him frequently wearing the malo. He’s also a writer and co-creator of the limited series.

He captioned the steamy share, “WHAT A RIDE. aloha j.”

Jason Momoa showed off dance moves behind the scenes of Slumberland

Jason celebrated the release of his newest movie, Slumberland, by giving his fans a behind-the-scenes look at his dance moves. Spoiler alert: he can definitely break it down!

The 43-year-old actor channeled his inner Dua Lipa alongside fellow castmate Marlow Barkley wearing an extravagant maroon jacket with striped pants.

Oh, and not to be overlooked were the massive spiral horns mingled in with his wild brunette mane.

The fantasy adventure film will be available on Netflix later this week, but until then, the world has this backstage reel to binge.

Jason Momoa went shirtless to support Sustainable Coastlines Hawaii through Electric eyewear campaign

Jason recently partnered with Electric eyewear to express support for Sustainable Coastlines Hawaii, a nonprofit organization dedicated to keeping beaches clean.

The Aquaman star rocked the new Jason Momoa signature Knoxville sunglasses while showing off his striking tattoos and sun-kissed skin.

Jason’s incredible physique basically jumped out of the photos as he went shirtless for the shoot.

Of course, his fans loved the share, and he even got a shoutout from Sustainable Coastlines Hawaii, who wrote, “Yeww!! So stoked on these! mahalo for all that you do for Hawai’i throughout the world and continuing to support our work ūüôƂ̧ԳŹ.”

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Pic credit: @prideofgypsies/Instagram

Of course, sunglasses are a far cry from a Hawaiian malo, but he looked incredible all the same.

Anyone who tuned in to Jimmy Kimmel Live earlier this week heard Jason confess that he loves wearing the traditional garment. 

In his own words, “Oh my God, yes. I actually don’t even like wearing clothes anymore. I’m in it every day. I wear it all the time.”

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