Jason Momoa gets cheeky to promote his latest collaboration

Jason Momoa poses for an event in Buckinghamshire, UK
Jason announced another collaboration with a shoe and clothing brand. Pic credit: © Mayhew/Landmark Media

Actor, heartthrob, and environmentalist Jason Momoa knows how to attract business.

Not only is Jason easy on the eyes, but he’s also a talented actor, and his laidback, relatable personality has earned him millions of followers on social media.

In addition to acting, Jason has branched out into other business endeavors, including his aluminum-bottled water brand, Mananalu, and his vodka brand Meili.

Most recently, Jason collaborated with the activewear company So iLL for his So iLL x On The Roam line.

Jason shared a video to Instagram, where he boasts 17.1 million followers, to announce some new apparel from the company.

Jason began by modeling a purple t-shirt, letting his fans know that they’re now available in a wide variety of colors. As the camera panned away from Jason, he revealed that he was wearing matching purple flip-flops and a Hawaiian Malo, a ceremonial loincloth worn by native Hawaiian men.

Jason Momoa in a Hawaiian Malo announces new merchandise from his So iLL x On The Roam collaboration

It wasn’t until Jason began to walk away from the camera that his followers got quite the eyeful — anyone who knows anything about Hawaiian Malos knows that they don’t provide much coverage for the derriere.

So, although the focus of Jason’s video was intended to be his matching shirt and shoes, it was something else that caught his fans’ attention.

As Jason spun around and walked playfully in the opposite direction, he exclaimed, “Looking good! It’s looking good! Ooh!”

Jason’s fans admire his unique advertising strategy

According to Jason’s followers, he was, in fact, looking good, and they took to the comments section to leave some entertainingly witty remarks.

Digital creator Jessie Gurunathan admitted, “I’m embarrassed at how many times I’ve watched this 😂🙈.”

jason momoa's instagram followers commented on his reel
Jason’s admirers took to the comments of his Reel. Pic credit: @prideofgypsies/Instagram

Another fan shared a tip with some of Jason’s female followers: “Ladies, if you save the video or screenshot the ‘biscuits’, you can zoom in! #ConfessionFromAFriend #iAmThatFriend 😂.”

Unable to focus on Jason’s attire in the video, one fan asked, “I’m sorry what color was the shirt again?” while another asked, “What shoes? 🤤”

Jason is passionate about eliminating single-use plastics

Jason has become known for his work to eliminate single-use plastics and save our oceans. The Hawaiian-born hunk noted in the caption of the Reel that the items he advertised are, of course, packaged and shipped without using plastics.

Among the apparel available to purchase from Jason’s collaboration with So iLL are t-shirts, scrunchies, hoodies, and beanies.

The t-shirt Jason modeled in his video — the Nakoa tee, aptly named after his son, Nakoa-Wolf Manakauapo Namakaeha Momoa — retails for $56, is available in sizes XS through XXL, and can be purchased online at,, or at 21 stores across the U.S.

He has fueled his passion through his brands. Mananalu Water is packaged in aluminum rather than plastic, and his Meili vodka bottles are made with 100% post-consumer recycled glass.

As Meili’s website states, “Vast mountains of broken, discarded glass are heated to molten masses, reborn, and repurposed into something functional and exquisite.”

In addition to its eco-friendly bottles, Meili also uses “living water” to distill and proof their vodka. Their grains are locally sourced and centrally located near their water sources and distillery to minimize their carbon footprint.

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