Jason Momoa delights airline passengers as he serves water on flight

Jason Momoa's face
Jason Momoa surprised a plane full of passengers when he played flight attendant. Pic credit: ©

This week, Jason Momoa has been able to tie together three things that he loves the most: Hawaii, his water brand Mananalu, and his commitment to preserving the oceans.

It’s not often that one might board a regular flight and then rub elbows with one of the biggest stars in Hollywood, but luckily for everyone on the plane, that’s exactly what happened.

It all went down this week on an airplane ride via Hawaiian Airlines from Los Angeles to Hawaii with Momoa on board.

But Momoa wasn’t just a passenger aboard this special flight. Instead, he acted as a flight attendant, taking to the aisles midflight to greet his fellow passengers and share some of his Mananalu water with them.

Momoa made sure to share the footage from the now-infamous flight on his own Instagram page.

One of the passengers was so impressed that she also filmed the surprise celebrity encounter and shared it with her niece, who then made a TikTok video that has since gone viral.

Jason Momoa flight goes viral on TikTok

A video of Jason Momoa making his way up and down the aisle on a Hawaiian Airlines flight has more than 6.2 million views now on TikTok after Kylee Yoshikawa shared it, telling everyone in the caption, “My aunty sent me this vid, i just thought i’d share.”

The music playing in the video is Little Mermaid’s Under The Sea and as it plays, you can see Momoa coming closer with a cart of his special water and handing a bottle to each of the seated passengers.

The Aquaman actor wore a suit jacket over a black shirt with a lei around his neck. His hair was pulled back into a messy bun and he had a pink flower tucked behind his left ear.

Jason Momoa’s love life is heating up after Lisa Bonet split

Earlier this year, Jason Momoa fans were sad to learn that he and longtime partner Lisa Bonet had called it quits.

But it seems that Momoa didn’t stay single long, as he was quickly linked to actress Eiza Gonzales back in February. After rumors spread that the two had gone their separate ways, they were spotted together once again in London in July.

As Monsters and Critics previously reported, sources connected to the pair say that both Momoa and Gonzales are very busy right now with their careers but that they are trying to make it work.

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