Jason Derulo slams Instagram for taking down his steamy underwear photo from Bali

Singer Jason Derulo
Singer Jason Derulo slams Instagram from taking down his photo. Pic credit: Jason Derulo/YouTube.

Talk Dirty singer Jason Derulo is upset that Instagram took down his viral photo.

The original photo, captioned Good Mornin’, showed Derulo while vacationing in Bali. The R&B singer was standing shirtless and bedecked with jewelry in front of a waterfall. He was wearing only boxers that showed the outline of his manhood.

The photo went viral after he posted it on Instagram. Fans noticed the visible outline of his manhood and exchanged jokes about it.

On Tuesday, the 30-year-old singer shared a screenshot of a notice he received from Instagram. The notice explained that they removed the viral photo he posted to the social media platform in November because the content violated Instagram’s community guidelines about “nudity and sexual activity.”

“We removed your post because it goes against our Community Guidelines on nudity or sexual activity. Out guidelines are based on our global community, and some audiences may be sensitive to different things.”

Derulo protested Instagram’s action, saying he couldn’t help his size.

“F-k u mean? I have underwear on… I can’t help my size,” he wrote.

He also commented about the incident in an Instagram Story.

“Y’all ain’t gonna believe it. Instagram took down my by Bali pic. They took down by Bali pic!” he said. “Hey listen…[laughs]… all these girls be on Instagram showing the a** and all kinda crazy s**t, and I got underwear on… in Bali, and they took my pic down… that’s discrimination.”

“They gotta understand I can’t help my size,” he added, “but you can’t take down my pic… men.”

PEOPLE reported that a spokesperson for Instagram confirmed the platform took down the Jason Derulo Bali photo because it violated their social media policy by showing what they claimed to be “aroused genitalia.”

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