Jason Bateman to Ozark fans: ‘Thanks for liking what we loved’

Jason Bateman
Jason Bateman thanks Ozark fans for their support over the past few years. Pic credit: © Collin/Image Press Agency

As the Netflix drama series Ozark comes to its end, the cast of the show has been thankful to fans for their support throughout the whole series.

Ozark first aired on July 21, 2017, and viewers have been following the Byrde family ever since. While waiting to see what would happen next with the cartel or if the family would ever be free from laundering, fans quickly became drawn to the characters in the show, even if the characters didn’t live the whole time.

After the last half of Ozark Season 4 dropped, actor and director, Jason Bateman took to Twitter to thank fans for liking the show and supporting them all this time.

Jason Bateman thanks Ozark fans

Jason Bateman portrayed Marty Byrde throughout this series, taking on the role of a smart financial officer and father very well. Though the Byrde family had their own ups and downs, Marty always tried to do what was best for them.

Jason is not very active on social media but used Twitter on Friday morning “to say hi” and offer a heartfelt message to Ozark fans. 

The actor wrote, “Just want to say hi and a sincere thank you to all the nice folks out there that gave OZARK a spot in their lives over these past few years. Thanks for liking what we loved making for y’all!”

Jason Bateman's tweet thanking Ozark fans.
Pic credit: @batemanjason/Twitter

Jason Batemen wasn’t the only Ozark star to take to social media to thank fans and other cast members for the wonderful time on the show. Actress Laura Linney who portrayed Wendy Byrde and actor Skylar Gaertner who played Jonah Byrde, both shared additional posts online about their time making the series.

Laura Linney, Skylar Gaertner talk about Ozark ending

Laura Linney’s iconic portrayal of Wendy Byrde won’t be forgotten by Ozark viewers any time soon, but Laura has more talent than just her supreme acting skills.

Laura was motivated by Jason and producer Patrick Markey to get behind the camera and direct an episode herself.

She wrote in her Instagram caption, “I did something new. Jason Bateman and Patrick Markey pushed me out of my comfort zone for Ozark’s episode 411. And with the support of the best crew and cast around ( I get very misty whenever I think of them) I had a great time. Thank you my fellow Ozarkians, in front and behind the camera, for all of the love and generosity. I’ll carry it with me always. Jason Bateman, I blame you.”

One of the top comments comes from Skylar Gaertner, where he tells his television mom that she was “amazing at directing” and a “pro.”

SKylar Gaertner comment
Pic credit: itsmelauralinney/Instagram

Skylar took to his own Instagram account to share two heartfelt posts about his time on Ozark.

The first photo was a shot of him and Jason, his television dad for the past five years.

He writes, “I couldn’t have asked to be part of a better artistic, professional, supportive, kind, and loving tv family to grow up on! Thank you,” and lists the names of his costars and producers for the show and sends a thank you to fans before closing with, “I am blessed because of you!”

Skylar grew up a lot on the show. When fans first see him in Season 1 he is only about 13 years old, compared to now at 18. He spent a lot of time growing up with the series and seems very thankful for his experience and support.

He also shared a little behind-the-scenes action from one of the last episodes of the series, showing the famous car wreck scene that Season 4 opened with.

He writes for fans to “enjoy the show” and uses the hashtag “#family.”

Although the series is coming to an end, it’s clear that it holds a special place in the hearts of the cast as well as fans.

Ozark is now streaming on Netflix.

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