Jason Aldean’s wife Brittany Aldean is gorgeous in green as she bids Florida adieu

Brittany (Kerr) Aldean poses on the red carpet
Brittany strikes a pose on the red carpet at the 49th CMA Awards held at the Bridgestone Arena. Pic credit: © Farr/AdMedia

Brittany Aldean might be sad about leaving warm, sunny Florida, but she looked gorgeous as she bid it farewell.

Brittany, and her country superstar husband, Jason Aldean, are headed back to Tennessee after a vacation in the Sunshine State.

The blonde beauty has been sharing snaps from her family’s vacation in her Instagram Stories and, on Tuesday, shared one last shot from her getaway.

In the gorgeous outdoor photo, Brittany posed amid a background of lush green grasses, blue skies, and cottony clouds.

Brittany placed one hand on a nearby palm tree, striking her best barefoot Barbie Feet pose as she smiled for the photo.

The 33-year-old former NBA cheerleader was clad in a pale yellow one-piece swimsuit and wore a crocheted green coverup over top.

Jason Aldean’s wife Brittany strikes a gorgeous pose to wish Florida farewell

Brittany’s coverup featured a triangular hem and tassels with a geometric design at the bustline, and its peek-a-boo design highlighted her trim waistline and long, toned legs.

To add to her boho aesthetic, Brittany accessorized with a multi-colored headwrap, aviator sunglasses, a dainty pendant necklace, and some orange and gold bracelets.

Delivering a gleaming smile, Brittany noted in her caption that she was sad about leaving Florida behind.

brittany aldean poses for an outdoor photo in Florida shared to her Instagram stories
Pic credit: @brittanyaldean/Instagram

“Time to head back to Nashville ūüėď‚ĚĄ,” she wrote, adding, “Really going to miss beautiful Florida!!”

Brittany and Jason’s primary home is in Tennessee, but the couple bought a vacation home in Florida last year that they remodeled.

“Well, we’ve had a couple houses in Florida, and so we actually just bought a house,” Jason told Music Mayhem. “We’re not building one, but we bought one down there that we’re kind of having some stuff done to it, and we haven’t stayed in it yet though. I love it.”

Spending so much time at the beach means Brittany is often clad in swimsuits. In order to keep herself looking amazing, she stays active.

Brittany Aldean shares how she stays swimsuit-ready

Admittedly, Brittany isn’t a fan of going to the gym, so she has adopted a more organic approach to exercise. Plus, Brittany’s booked and busy between running her fashion and beauty brands and raising her children, son Memphis, 5, and daughter Navy, 3, so getting to the gym every day isn’t always an option for her.

“It’s just not fun,” Brittany said of hitting the gym. “I can’t just pop in a gym all the time.”

“My go-to fitness routine is anything that’s just naturally active. I like to do activities,” Brittany shared with People, noting that she prefers more “fun, natural activities” such as “walking [her] kids or taking them on a stroll down the street or walking on the beach.”

Clearly, Brittany’s approach is effective because she’s never looked better.

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