Jared Leto blasted over past sexual misconduct allegations following Olivia Rodrigo GRAMMY award presentation

Jared Leto on the red carpet.
Jared Leto has seen past allegations against him resurface after he handed Olivia Rodrigo a GRAMMY and posed with her for a photo. Pic credit: ©

While Olivia Rodrigo reveled in the glory of taking home three GRAMMY Awards on Sunday night, Jared Leto, who presented her with one of them, sparked a Twitter storm after past allegations of sexual misconduct against him resurfaced.

The event was held at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas this past weekend, hosting all of music’s biggest stars and other celebrities who were there to hand out some of the coveted trophies.

The House of Gucci actor, 50, announced Olivia as the winner of the Best Pop Vocal Album, but his role in the ceremony — and a photo taken after of Jared with the 19-year-old singer — had fans stewing.

Jared Leto posed for a picture with Olivia Rodrigo at the GRAMMY Awards, upsetting viewers

Twitter users flooded the internet with comments about the photo of the much-older Jared posing side-by-side with Olivia, highlighting that the My So-Called Life alum has had allegations about his conduct hanging over him for years.

“we need to stop jared leto,” journalist Jill Krajewski wrote alongside a snapshot from a 2005 New York Post article that discussed some of the allegations against Jared.

On her post’s sidebar were two photos of tweets that had been previously posted, one from a model who claimed, “When I was 14 Jared Leto asked my friend (also 14) to come up to his hotel room.”

The second comment that the user shared was from The Suite Life on Deck alum Dylan Sprouse, twin brother to Riverdale’s Cole Sprouse, who slammed Jared, saying, “Yo @JaredLeto now that you’ve slid into the dm’s of every female model aged 18-25, what would you say your success rate is?”

Other social media users also ran to Twitter to comment on Jared presenting Olivia with an award at the GRAMMYs, with one person penning “‘Act of violence” at the Oscar’s but letting Jared Leto present an award to Olivia rodrigo with the countless allegations out there OKAY.”

Tweet about Jared Leto
Pic credit: @funnestbummer/Twitter

Another user echoed the sentiment, adding, “Jared Leto better keep his predator paws off Olivia rodrigo or we are going to fight.”

Tweet about Jared Leto
Pic credit: @audrakarschnia/Twitter

Jared Leto has faced a string of allegations

As reported by Screenshot Media, it was largely Dylan Sprouse’s tweet from May 2018 about Jared hounding young models that spurned the online chatter regarding Jared’s muddy past.

Although since deleted, Twitter users were able to screenshot director James Gunn’s response to Dylan, seemingly questioning the actor’s age specifications regarding the type of model he would allegedly go after, saying, “He starts at 18 on the internet?”

Historic online articles, which include other serious allegations against him, have also resurfaced, along with other questions about other elements of his past behavior.

Back in 2013, Jared raised eyebrows when his band openly held a contest in which the winner would receive the “prize” of getting to share a bed with him.

In another allegation about his behavior, former adult film star Vicki Marie Taylor previously accused Jared of physically grabbing her neck and throat while she was giving a lap dance to the actor’s brother at a party.

“After a while, Jared invited me onto his tour bus,” the dancer claimed.

“As I started to dance for Shannon [Jared’s brother], Jared suddenly grabbed me around the throat from behind and said to me, I can reach pure sexual enjoyment in 30 seconds just by looking into your eyes.’ Obviously, it was kind of [a] weird situation.”

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8 months ago

Yeah. I’m quite sure I saw him molesting her onstage. This is so ridiculous. All unsubstantiated stories, mostly from people who wrote fantasy stories about him on Tumblr. People need toget a life.

7 months ago

All I saw was JL presenting a young lady with an award. So sad that your mind went into the gutter. Must be what your thoughts were. So just remember when one finger is pointing at the person that you are accusing of unsubstantiated allegations – the rest of the fingers on your hand are pointing to you. Don’t just to conclusion and judge so quickly – especially if all you have to reference is a 2004 (17-year old) article. Get a life and learn to be a good person.

Howard Larsen
Howard Larsen
5 months ago

Fcking cancel culture. Like Nazis.

4 months ago

No one cares about your pizza gate cult. You can all go to hell.