Jana Kramer celebrates her morning run with puppy snuggles

Jana Kramer poses at the Rookie USA Fashion Show
Jana Kramer enjoyed some puppy snuggles in her post-run outfit. Pic credit: © Thompson/AdMedia

Jana Kramer started her morning the right way with a morning run and snuggles with her dog.

The 38-year-old country singer and actress looked stunning in her running gear as she snapped a selfie with her dog. She wore a black sports bra and skin-tight leggings that showed off her toned midriff.

Her run seemed to have been a success as she looked refreshed and happy in the photo. Her hair was still tied back from her face from the run and a fine sheen of sweat glazed her forehead.

Kramer added to her look with three layered gold necklaces around her neck.

Meanwhile, little Leo looked as cute as ever as he rested his furry head against Kramer. Leo is a Cavapoo and he has grown a lot since Kramer first brought him home in July as a tiny puppy.

Kramer captioned her photo simply, “Post run snuggles.”

Running is part of Jana Kramer’s fitness regimen

Kramer looked incredibly fit in the photo as she snuggled with Leo and mentioned that she had been out on a morning run.

Jana Kramer poses in workout clothes for a selfie with her dog for her Instagram Story
Pic credit: @kramergirl/Instagram

The morning run isn’t surprising as Kramer has revealed running is a big part of how she stays fit. Meanwhile, morning workouts are her favorite way to start her day.

However, any type of exercise appeals to Kramer, who told Us Weekly that working out helped her feel good and balanced. In addition to running, she revealed she enjoyed walking, hiking, swimming, and an occasional Zumba class.

Her fit physique is the result of a combination of the above-mentioned workouts, as well as professional training.

Kramer has been working with celebrity trainer Erin Oprea for several years now. Oprea even claimed that Kramer’s flawless legs were the result of her training.


You know I love LEGGGGS!! Have seen my Amazing clients @Jana Kramer #legs ?? ’m here to teach you guys how to make those PRETTY MUSCLES and feel your BEST!! 15 elevated #squat 20 sec hold low 15 shoulder press #fyp #foryoupage #homeworkout #legworkout #prettymuscles #fitover40 #fitness

♬ original sound – Erin Oprea

Her morning runs and sessions with Oprea seem effective at keeping her looking fit and gorgeous.

Kramer recently opened up about divorce

Kramer’s post-run morning photo came just days after she opened up on her divorce from Mike Caussin, a former football player. The two were married for six years before splitting in 2021 after Caussin’s cheating scandal.

As reported by Fox News, Kramer opened up more about the divorce during an appearance on Red Table Talk.

On the talk show, Kramer claimed that Caussin cheated on her with more than 13 women during their marriage. She was in tears as she relayed the painful experience.

She did confirm that both she and Caussin are in better situations now that they are divorced. However, having joint custody of her and Caussin’s two kids, Jolie and Jace, has made the infidelity even more painful.

Kramer described how unfair it is that she won’t get to spend Christmas this year with Jolie and Jace because of Caussin’s choices.

She expressed that same sentiment back in 2021 when she spent Thanksgiving apart from her “beautiful babies.” She noted that whether it is the first or 30th holiday apart, it will always be a difficult experience.

Despite the difficulties she has faced from her divorce, she has continued to push forward in her career and as a mother.

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