Jana Duggar registers an LLC: What is the Counting On star up to?

Jana Duggar during a confessional
Jana Duggar is branching out. Pic credit: TLC

Jana Duggar has been front and center for many years as viewers watched her grow up. As the eldest daughter, she has come under immense pressure to marry and start a family.

All of her younger adult-aged sisters have been married off and began families, leading many to question her sexuality.

Aside from chores and helping with her siblings, Jana Duggar has a passion for design work and gardening. She has posted about makeovers and her prized gardens throughout the years and she is the sister who everyone goes to when they need something done.

From cooking to cleaning, Jana gets the job done.

What is Jana Duggar up to?

There have been rumblings about Jana Duggar opening a business in the past. For a while, it was said that she was renting an old tattoo shop or had bought the building.

The details weren’t clear but it was speculated that Duggar may be working to open up her own interior decor shop or something of the like.

According to the Duggar Family News: Life is not all pickles and hairspray Facebook page, Jana Duggar registered an LLC in Washington County Arkansas.

What could she be up to? While they have speculated that it could be Jim Bob Duggar using her name, it could be a number of things.

Whatever the reason, the LLC means Jana Duggar has plans for the future.

Will Jana ever get married?

While a courtship has never been publicly announced, Jana Duggar revealed she had dated before. Nothing ever came about from the men she talked to, and she is determined to wait for who God sends her.

Generally, Jana doesn’t comment on her personal life but since joining Instagram, she has opened up a little bit.

Rumors of her dating her best friend Laura DeMaise swirled for years but both have denied anything ever happened. They are good friends and that is the end of it.

With a lot more changes in the Duggar family, Jana Duggar is getting ready to branch out and followers can’t wait to find out what she has up her sleeve.

Counting On is expected to return later in 2019.

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