Jamie Lynn Spears in thigh-skimming sweater is a ‘movie magic mom’

Jamie Lynn Spears at the BMI Country awards.
Jamie Lynn Spears looked stunning even while rocking a bulky sweater as she went without pants for some new shots. Pic credit: ©

Jamie Lynn Spears hopped onto social media for her first post in two weeks, going for a relaxed vibe while also throwing in a more flirty snap along the way.

The younger sister of pop star Britney Spears gave her fans a look at her life behind the scenes as she shared a glimpse into the hectic going-ons that make the framework of her current routine.

Telling followers she was feeling a bit overwhelmed and anxious, Jamie Lynn posted a slew of pics to her Instagram account to back up her rant, kicking things off with a close-up shot of herself in a bright red, cable-knit sweater with the word “Magic” emblazoned across the front.

Jamie Lynn wrinkled her nose up and curled her lip to give a little tongue-on-teeth grimace for the snap before cutting to a photo where the Zoey 101 alum could be seen slumped slightly over in the sweater, fuzzy pink slippers, and loose jeans covering her lower half.

Cutting next to a video clip of her 14-year-old daughter Maddie playing softball, Jamie Lynn then went in for the kill, posting a snap of herself still clad in the upper body garment with no pants on underneath.

The 31-year-old star, who made unintentional waves this year as her ongoing feud with her big sis raged following Britney’s release from her conservatorship, kept her hair down in beachy waves for the flirty shot as she gazed into the lens and showed off her lean legs under the sweater’s hemline.

Jamie Lynn continued her post with more snaps inside what appeared to be her trailer, having told fans in her caption that she was busy filming.

Though Jamie Lynn kept the project name under wraps, fans might guess it could have been her recently-announced reality endurance series, which will also star singer Mel B.

She also announced earlier this year that she would be making her Hollywood return with a new podcast, as reported by Monsters and Critics.

Jamie Lynn Spears shows off her legs in just a red sweater.
Pic credit: @jamielynnspears/Instagram

Jamie Lynn Spears goes bare-legged in a sweater to talk mom life

In a lengthy caption to her recent post, Jamie Lynn told her followers how challenging it has been lately for her to try to balance out her career with her life at home.

The actress ranted about her guilt and stress as she lived out of her filming trailer while feeling bummed that she was missing her eldest child’s important ball game.

“movie MAGIC 🎥🪄✨ aka, you have a big break between your scenes, so you walk around basecamp talking to yourself, while biting all your fingernails off, & texting your mom gang at home bc you’re watching the LIVESTREAM of your daughter playing in her high school STATE tournament, & you’re a nervous wreck, plus filled with guilt for not being there, but ya can’t help it bc you gotta work…” she wrote in an extended run-on sentence.

Jamie Lynn Spears talks about the difficulties of balancing work life with her mom life.
Pic credit: @jamielynnspears/Instagram

Jamie Lynn continued her caption to talk about how hard it was to watch Maddie play without her there in person but also knowing that her daughter was “growing up” and saying she felt “proud of her.”

While Jamie Lynn has another daughter, 4-year-old Ivey whom she shares with her husband Jamie Watson, Maddie often gets a lot of praise online from her mom as she enjoys her teenage years.

It was a mere five years ago that Jamie Lynn was uncertain if her first born was even going to make it to her ninth birthday following a horrific ATV accident.

Jamie Lynn Spears recalls daughter’s near-fatal accident

In 2017, during a family trip to Jamie Watsons’ parent’s house, Maddie, who was just 8 at the time, was driving an ATV around the property when she lost control of her vehicle and ended up submerged in the nearby pond.

Jamie Lynn Spears wears a chunky red sweater and wrinkles her nose for a close up.
Pic credit: @jamielynnspears/Instagram

As shared by People this January, Jamie Lynn recalled the terrifying ordeal in her new memoir, writing in detail about the minute-to-minute saga that ensued after the young child was pulled from the water.

After EMT responders were unable to find a pulse for an undisclosed amount of time, Jamie Lynn said that one of the firemen at the scene announced that a heartbeat had been located again and they were taking Maddie to the hospital right away.

A lengthy stay in medical care cleared Maddie of brain damage or any other life-altering injuries, in a miraculous turn of events for the family.

Jamie Lynn took the traumatic event as a turning point for herself, viewing it as an eye-opening life twist that has left her able to “look at everything else differently” as she continues to raise her girls and pursue her own career.

Jamie Lynn’s book Things I Should Have Said came out on January 18.

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