Jamie Lee Curtis stuns in plunging swimsuit and fishnets

jamie lee curtis halloween ends
Jamie Lee Curtis is an ageless beauty in a black swimsuit with fishnets. Pic credit: ©

Hollywood beauty Jamie Lee Curtis showed off her modeling skills as she touted the benefits of natural light in a gorgeous black swimsuit.

Jamie took a break from guest appearances on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and a starring role in Halloween Ends, to share a swimsuit photo on Instagram.

She blessed her 4.5 million fans and followers with a new post and the contents didn’t disappoint. The Halloween actress received 156k likes for the latest share with the number of double-taps growing.

The actress posed from inside a pool as she struck a pose and offered a smile.

The Activia face has long been a proponent of aging gracefully, and the timeless beauty has stayed true to her word.

Jamie rocked a black swimsuit with a plunging neckline and fishnet stockings underneath the suit.

Jamie Lee Curtis in swimsuit strikes pose from inside the pool

Jamie placed one hand on her face and the other on the edge of the pool as she climbed out of the water and smiled at the camera.

She lifted one leg out of the water, showing her hips, and legs covered in the garment.

The sun kissed Jamie’s skin, amplified by beads of water from her dip in the pool.

The gorgeous sun rays caused Jamie to glow, a fact she alluded to just that in the caption of the shot.

Jamie’s short hair was white with a touch of gray and combed to the side. Her nails were short with a clean manicure and a wedding ring on one finger.

Her caption read, “Oh @ryanpfluger what you do with natural light is mind blowing! @seanjameshair @gracegraceahn @eres @foal @nicolbiesekphoto.”

As Jamie shared her latest photo, horror film fans have been raving about her latest project.

Jamie Lee Curtis talks Halloween Ends and feeling young

As Forbes noted, Jamie began her Halloween journey long ago, with the first Halloween film appearing in theaters 44 years ago.

The youthful spirit doesn’t feel much different than she did as a teenage actress first beginning her Hollywood career.

In fact, she revealed that her mind has remained full of creativity and ideas.

She told an interviewer, “You know, I don’t think that way. I haven’t sort of metabolized it into time. I feel very much the same as I did when I was 19.”

She continued, “I feel young and full of ideas and I’m happy.”

Halloween Ends arrives in theaters on October 14.

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