Jaclyn Smith is ageless but Charlie’s Angels star says it’s just ‘great lighting’ — See for yourself

Jaclyn Smith at the 2016 Women's Guild Cedar-Sinai Annual Spring Luncheon at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel on April 14, 2016
Jaclyn Smith claims her youthful appearance in her photo with her son is from good lighting. Pic credit: ©

Former Charlie’s Angel Jaclyn Smith went viral last month after posting a photo of herself, 76, and her son, Gaston Richmond, 39.

The photo captures a lovely and emotional mother-son moment, but many fans were quick to notice that Smith looks even younger than her son in the photo, and more like his sister than his mother.

In an interview with Page Six, Jaclyn Smith admitted that she knew it was a good photo but believed she doesn’t always look younger than her son.

Jaclyn Smith claims good looks are from ‘great lighting’

When comparing this photo of Jaclyn Smith to photos of herself when she was younger, some fans have a hard time telling if she looks younger then or now.

However, Smith believes it’s the moment rather than her looks that make the photo so great.

“Right place, right time. That’s the luck of the draw. Great lighting. I’m with a person that I adore, my son, and it was a going-away party, so my eyes were probably glistening with tears there, sparkling because he’s one of the humans I worship,” Smith said regarding the picture.

Smith told Page Six, “I love what that photo says to me. It says I’m the luckiest lady in the world to have a son like him. As we know in pictures, they reflect what’s going on inside of you, and that picture reflected every emotion I had at that moment.”

Jaclyn Smith and her ex-husband, Tony Richmond, also share a 36-year-old daughter, Spencer Richmond. Richmond and Smith divorced in 1989, and she has been married to cardiothoracic surgeon Brad Allen since 1997.

Smith is best known for starring alongside Farrah Fawcett and Kate Jackson in Charlie’s Angels. She starred as Kelly Garrett and was the only Angel to star in all five seasons of the show.

After her success in acting, Smith went on to become a successful businesswoman. However, she hasn’t opened up about any secrets to keeping herself looking so young.

How does Jaclyn Smith stay looking young?

Although the actress hasn’t confirmed any of her secrets to the art of keeping a youthful appearance, there are hints on her social media pages.

Smith contributes her youthful appearance and health to gardening, yoga, and drinking green smoothies. She even posted a recipe for one of her smoothies on Instagram so fans could try it themselves.

Fans speculate that there may be more to her youthful appearance than smoothies, yoga, and gardening, and believe the answer lies within one of her business lines.

Jaclyn Smith has her own wig line, a fabric line, and a skincare line that her husband, Dr. Brad Allen, developed for her. Given that it’s her own brand and her husband developed the product, many believe it’s her own skincare products that are responsible for her youthful appearance.

Whether the answer lies in skincare products, gardening, yoga, or green smoothies, Jaclyn Smith’s youthful appearance has taken the internet by storm. Fans are still skeptical to believe her appearance in the photo is solely based on good lighting.

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