Jaclyn Hill cheating tweets: Read what she had to say

Makeup guru Jaclyn Hill in a YouTube tutorial video
Jaclyn Hill took to Twitter to confront accusations that she cheated on Jon. Pic credit: Jaclyn Hill/YouTube

As many makeup lovers already know, Jaclyn Hill and her husband Jon announced they were divorcing in March 2018. Months later, Jaclyn moved on with a new man and that’s when the cheating speculation began.

Now, Jaclyn Hill is speaking out about rumors that she cheated on Jon and she’s setting the record straight.

After being called a cheater in a now-deleted tweet, Jaclyn fired back, insisting that she never cheated on Jon even though her new boyfriend worked in his studio.

Jaclyn only revealed the identity of her new man back in November, after she and Jon had been publicly split for eight months. It was revealed at that time that Jaclyn was getting close to Farnum, a recording artist who reportedly used to work with and be close friends with Jon.

Naturally, that led many to speculate that she met him and started something up while she was still married and working on her relationship with Jon Hill, something she adamantly denies.

It’s possible that her fans (or her critics) believed that cheating may be involved because of comments she made months before, as she was ending things with Jon.

While Jaclyn’s initial divorce statement back in March was short and sweet, making it clear that she still loved Jon but that things just didn’t work out, clues have been dropped in many of her YouTube videos about the end of their marriage.

At one point she talked about how Jon’s addiction issues and trip back to rehab put a strain on their relationship. Another time, Jaclyn actually commented that she hates cheaters and liars, making some think that maybe Jon himself had stepped out.

Keep in mind that all this is still just fan speculation as both Jacklyn and Jon Hill have both said that their relationship did not end because of cheating. That still hasn’t stopped this cheating theme from plaguing Jaclyn, as she faced accusations and responded back in July 2018 as well.

Jaclyn Hill has now responded to cheating rumors on multiple occasions and denied that either she or Jon cheated both times. Likewise, Jon has gone on the record with his Jon Hill Project in a new song called Would You Save Me Now and said that the breakdown of their marriage was his fault, not hers.

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