Italian model Ines Trocchia shows off fit physique ahead of wall climbing

Close up of Ines Trocchia
Ines Trocchia is beautiful in skintight leggings. Pic credit: @inestrocchia/Instagram

Ines Trocchia looked super fit as she posed for a photo at a climbing center this week.

The Italian model wore a plunging pink sports bra by Nike that showed off her curves, with a pair of tight black spandex leggings, also by the sports brand.

The 27-year-old looked gorgeous in the photo she shared on her Instagram Story, wearing her long dark hair straight and with subtle makeup.

She held her hand out in the photo as if she was explaining how to use the climbing wall behind her.

Her slim frame and chiseled abs showed that she’s no stranger to working out!

Ines prides herself on having a “100% natural” body so she obviously enjoys keeping in shape and prioritizing exercise!

Ines Trocchia poses in front of a rock climbing wall.
Ines Trocchia stuns in front of a rock climbing wall. Pic credit: @inestrocchia/Instagram

Ines Trocchia partners up with Shein

As an influencer and model, Ines has had her fair share of brand partnerships and collaborations. One of the brands she regularly works with is the Chinese fast fashion giant, Shein.

This week she posted a stunning series of photos for Shein where she is seen riding a white horse against a desert backdrop with a perfect blue sky.

Ines wore a black leather-look triangle bikini by the brand along with a fringed belt, which added an interesting detail.

Her hair was left wild and flowing, which suited the free atmosphere of the images. In the last photo, another model posed beside Ines while riding a black horse and wearing a red bikini.

Ines captioned the carousel saying, “..And I know you heard about me ?” before giving her followers a 15% off code for Shein.

Ines Trocchia proves she is magic

In yet another series of photos made for Shein, we see Ines posing in a gorgeous location against turquoise and white lattice-cut doorways and walls. The vibe of the photos is quite Moroccan, featuring intricate tiling and glass light fixtures.

In the photos, Ines is wearing a blue metallic bikini that matches her surroundings perfectly as she stands beside an indoor pool. She accessorized her look with a bejeweled silver headdress and posed with her hands poised above her head.

In the last photo of the series, she leans on an intricate white wrought iron balcony and gives the camera a sultry stare, with her dark curls flipped over to one side.

She shared the carousel with her 1.5 million followers and captioned the set, “It’s just magic ?.”

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