Iskra Lawrence stuns in lingerie for Black Friday promo

Iskra Lawrence close up
Iskra Lawrence oozed body confidence in Lounge Underwear intimate bras and underwear for a new promo. Pic credit: ©

Iskra Lawrence showed off her hourglass curves in several sets of matching bras and underwear, and though the holidays are upon us, she looked as if she was ready for Valentine’s Day.

The plus-size model wore a few lingerie sets to promote the new Black Friday sale on the Lounge Underwear website, with items up to 70% off.

Iskra shared a video clip in which she wore the intimate sets as she pulled petals off a rose with motivating phrases flashing across the screen.

In the first clip, she wore a mesh black bra with matching underwear that featured small pink roses throughout and ruffles on the top, with a little pink bow in the center. On the screen was written, “He loves me..”

In the second shot, Iskra wore a dark pink bra and underwear that was simple in decoration but featured a swirling pattern throughout. On the screen, it said, “He loves me not…”

The third clip showed Iskra in a pale purple bra and underwear that had more mesh material and a lace pattern all over. On top, it said, “Either way it doesn’t matter because I love me,” in a motivating phrase. It jives perfectly with Iskra’s usual platform, which touts body acceptance as her priority.

In the caption, she asked for her followers’ opinions on the sets, writing, “Which set is your favourite…1,2 or 3? ?.”

Iskra Lawrence is an ambassador for Lounge Underwear

Iskra has been a Lounge Underwear ambassador for quite a while now, after being dropped from Aerie just six months after giving birth to her son.

Iskra posted another Lounge Underwear ad to her Instagram less than a week ago, once again adding a body-positive message to her video.

In a clip where she is seen dancing around, Iskra told followers it was without a filter and no retouching, making sure everyone knew she was proud of how she looked.

She wore a beige bra with matching shorts as she ate a bowl of food, later transitioning to separate clips in which she wore two different bra and underwear sets in varying shades of blue. In those videos, she ate her lunch and later a brownie for dessert.

Iskra wrote a body acceptance message across the clips, giving followers a PSA that they should eat today.

She wrote, “Waking up feeling free from your ED feels real good,” and “no matter where you are today it’s never to [sic] late to start your recovery or self acceptance journey.”

Iskra’s brand Saltair recently launched its haircare range

Iskra has been vocal about body acceptance and recovering from an eating disorder. She even made the motto of her body care company Saltair, “Every BODY is welcome here.”

Saltair most recently launched its new haircare line, and just like the body care products, it features ingredients inspired by the most popular skincare formulas.

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