Iskra Lawrence shows curves in sweater dress as she sprints for her toddler

Iskra Lawrence close up
Iskra Lawrence showed some leg in a hot pink sweater dress. Pic credit: © Thompson/AdMedia

Iskra Lawrence recently shared an adorable video clip in which she was seen chasing after her 2-year-old son, barely able to make it as she was wasn’t exactly wearing an athletic ensemble.

The model looked stunning in a hot pink sweater dress that skimmed her thighs and showed off her gorgeous curves.

She walked back and forth in a clip that she used to show off the outfit, wearing the eye-catching dress with a very colorful handbag and bright yellow heels.

The background appeared to be from a past vacation in a tropical area, with a rainy walkway visible and what looked like a hotel in the back.

Iskra kept her long blonde hair pulled back into a ponytail that had a bit of wave in it, most likely due to the humidity.

She left her makeup quite natural, also probably due to the humidity, but did appear to be wearing a bit of pink lipgloss to match her ensemble.

On the top of the video, she joked, “Tell me you’re a mom,” as she walked back and forth, with a second clip showing her chasing her son that hilariously said, “Without telling me you’re a mom.”

In the caption, she wrote, “Level unlocked: Sprinting in heels after my toddler🏃🏼‍♀️💨 Ain’t nothing a mama can’t do am I right? 🤣.”

Iskra Lawrence has several business ventures

Iskra is incredibly busy, as most people are, juggling several projects all at once while maintaining a social media presence to please her 5 million Instagram followers.

She hosts a Dear Media podcast with her boyfriend, Philip Payne, called Coupleish, in which they discuss relationships, love, and dating while answering listener questions and welcoming guest couples on as well.

She’s an ambassador and model for Lounge Underwear after being dropped from Aerie 6 months after she gave birth. And she’s an ambassador for Cupshe, frequently sharing try-on hauls for the brand on her social media channels.

Being that she’s a model, Iskra is completely used to sharing swimsuit and outfit pictures on social media, showing off her toned, curvy figure.

Iskra recently spoke on the Love, Sex, & Magic podcast

While Iskra has her own podcast Coupleish, she also appears on other podcasts as a guest. She recently spoke on the Love, Sex, & Magic podcast with Melissa Wells to talk about the idea that women are expected to “snap back” immediately after having a baby.

Iskra claimed it was a shame that women have been raised in a society that promotes images of those who have snapped back, with the expectation of how they are supposed to look after giving birth.

Iskra Lawrence is the founder of body care brand Saltair

Iskra is the founder of Saltair, a body care that uses popular skin care ingredients in its formulas.

Saltair recently announced the launch of hair care products as well, with ingredients that are also inspired by skincare. The new items are so popular that Iskra revealed in her Instagram caption there are 20,000 people on the waitlist already.

She said the products only cost $12 “because we want everybody to enjoy their daily moments of self-care even if it’s your 5 minutes of peace in the shower ☁️.”

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