Iskra Lawrence is pretty in pink for swimming pool movie quotes

Iskra Lawrence close up
Iskra Lawrence flaunted her curves in a pink swimsuit. Pic credit: © Mayhew/Landmark Media

Iskra Lawrence had some fun on Monday as she lounged in the pool, inspired by a beloved movie with Reese Witherspoon.

The plus-size model channeled Elle Woods in Legally Blonde, the famous character played by Reese, who goes from a sorority to attending Harvard in order to win back her boyfriend, Warner.

The famous scene showed Reese lying on a raft in the pool as she asked her friend Margot if she had seen the most recent episode of Days of Our Lives, and it was all done for her admissions essay to the ivy league college.

Iskra channeled this same funny video as she also lay on a raft in her pool, but she was advertising her line of body care products called Saltair.

The model wore a sexy pink one-piece swimsuit that emphasized her curvy figure in a flattering way.

She had her blonde hair clipped in an updo and went for a natural makeup look that included just a touch of light pink lipstick.

Iskra Lawrence channeled Elle Woods in a Saltair advertisement

In the video, Iskra asks, “Did you know that Saltair is made from skincare ingredients and it comes in aluminum bottles?”

Iskra was seen holding an orange bottle of one of her products and a friend came up to her side and asked, “Does it come in travel size?”

She responded, “Why yes, it does!” as she pulled out a travel-size bottle of the product.

Iskra told followers in her caption that the new product is TSA-approved, and they can buy a taster of all seven scents.

Iskra recently released the Pink Beach Nourishing Body Oil

At the end of September, the model released the Saltair Pink Beach Nourishing Body Oil and shared a video clip of herself putting it on her body.

She wore a white silk nightgown with lace on the top as she showed close-up clips of her rubbing the oil into her legs and arms.

The model was covered in sunlight, appearing as if she was standing in front of a window as her makeup-free skin glowed. Her blonde hair cascaded down her shoulders as she closed her eyes and took in the scent of the new product.

Of the product, she wrote, “Our sensorial body oil is formulated with a nourishing blend of oils including fermented saururus, kukui, cacay, moringa and squalane along with a biomimetic blend of plant actives that absorb easily and leave skin dewy and glowing.”

Saltair covers a wide range of products for the body, with ingredients usually found in skincare for the face. The product range includes body scrubs, washes, lotion, and deodorant.

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