Iskra Lawrence is curvy in spandex for sweaty workout session

Iskra Lawrence close up
Iskra Lawrence gave a cheeky view as she modeled her workout gear. Pic credit: © Collin/Image Press Agency

Iskra Lawrence, gorgeous plus-size model, body positivity advocate, and now podcast host, recently showed off her enviable curves in skintight exercise clothes.

The co-host of Coupleish recently shared a video in which she was singing a song that she revealed was written by her husband, Philip Payne. She danced around as she mouthed the lyrics, clearly enjoying herself.

Iskra later shared a video in which she modeled her workout outfit, showing off her curves as the clothes clung to her physique.

She wore tight brown leggings with a matching crop top, showing all angles as she turned each way. She even gave a glimpse of her toned stomach and then turned around to show off her peachy derriere and gave it a quick shake.

Iskra appeared to be wearing ankle weights as she worked up a sweat for a home workout and wore a baseball hat that covered up her blonde ponytail.

She didn’t skip the accessories despite exercising, rocking a pair of small gold hoops in her ears.

She told followers she would be sharing some of her favorite workout moves in the coming weeks and said she had just finished doing donkey kicks from her home office.

Iskra Lawrence previously shared a try-on with several workout sets

In another video, Iskra told followers she was wearing the same Lounge Underwear set that she had on in a previous post from the week before.

In that post, she started out the video wearing a cream-colored version of the leggings and crop top, with a sweatshirt and matching sweatpants later added on top with a cross-body bag.

She later put on a dark brown sweatshirt and matching crop top, and bicycle shorts in the same color. She ended with the leggings and crop top combo, both of which she mentioned in the previous video.

In the caption, Iskra got reflective, saying she felt like she was still trying to find herself within all the seasons of life, though she said, “it’s always an opportunity to rediscover yourself.”

In what sounded like she was talking about motherhood, she claimed she felt like she had lost parts of herself. Though, she optimistically said people can simply usher in a new wave of themselves.

Iskra recently launched a couples podcast with her husband Philip Payne

Iskra and her husband, Philip, recently launched their new podcast Coupleish.

The beauty shared a clip from a recent episode in which they talked about checking in with your partner and asking them how they may be feeling in their current season of life.

She claimed it was important to know that so you can offer your partner different levels of support depending on what they are going through.

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