Iskra Lawrence in spandex for workout

Iskra Lawrence close up
Iskra Lawrence showed her curves in spandex for a workout session. Pic credit: © Acosta/Image Press Agency

Iskra Lawrence showed off her enviable hourglass figure on Wednesday, showing fans her stunning physique in exercise clothes and her intense workouts.

The model shared her outfits in a video taken over a few days in which she wore three sets of tight spandex leggings with sports bras.

The first set featured a black-and-white pattern featuring high-waisted leggings and a sports bra with thicker straps. Iskra threw her arms up in the air and gave a rear view as she gave her hips a little shake before beginning her workout. Her blonder hair was tied back in a simple low ponytail, and she went makeup free.

Her second ensemble was a beautiful purple-red color and was a super comfy, soft, suede material. The leggings were also high-waisted, and the sports bra had spaghetti straps that flattered her athletic frame.

The last exercise outfit was a simple gray color with dark leggings that featured a tight waist for support and a light sports bra that offered good chest support with a clip in the back.

The model showed off clips of her favorite four workouts from that week: Front squats, back squats, single-leg Russian deadlifts, and the ski cross.

Iskra Lawrence showed off her new exercise machine

Iskra used the OxeFit machine, revealing she’s an investor. In her caption, she said, “I finally have gotten my consistency back – I mean it’s literally in my home office…convenience?.”

The machine features a large screen and pieces of equipment in a pilates reformer type set up where you can do hundreds of strength training and cardio exercises.

On October 8, Iskra shared a video of the machine being moved into her house and set up. She wore a beige jumpsuit and natural makeup as she carried her 1-year-old son inside the house to watch it being put together.

In the caption, she said, “My motivation right now [sic] be my strongest self yet?‍♀️.”

Iskra said she is no longer comfortable with the term ‘body positivity’

In a recent interview with Shape, Iskra said she’s no longer comfortable using the word “body positivity.” For a while now, the plus-size model has been considered one of the faces of the movement, along with fellow plus-size model Ashley Graham.

However, she said, “I was like the face of body positivity, and I was ignorant to why it started.”

Iskra revealed the body-positive movement started for “more marginalized people” like the ” LGBTQIA community” and “the Black community.”

She said people put her in the body-positive category because she was open to discussing her eating disorders.

However, she believed that people “Imagine some curvy-but-still-fit white girl on the beach, being confident in her bikini,” and felt that’s because it’s more palatable for the majority.

Now, Iskra told the publication, she’s pivoted from body positivity to body acceptance.

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