Iskra Lawrence hits a trend to tease new Coupleish episode

Iskra Lawrence close up
Iskra Lawrence swayed her hips in tight spandex leggings. Pic credit: @iskra/Instagram

Iskra Lawrence has been a big fan of exercising and activewear lately and showed off her most recent outfit in a funny reel with her husband.

Iskra wore tight blue spandex leggings that featured a light blue V-shape on the front to help suck in the stomach and a swirling floral pattern in white.

The matching sports bra was the same color and pattern with a light blue strip at the bottom that helped push up her chest and ruffles along the spaghetti straps.

Iskra’s toned physique looked fantastic in the ensemble as she did a little dance for the video.

Her blonde hair was left down in its natural texture, and the model had it pushed back with a beige headband.

Her makeup looked quite natural, with just a bit of mascara and dark pink lipgloss.

Iskra Lawrence swayed her hips in a pair of floral leggings for a fun video

Iskra stood in front of her living room, which looked stunning with huge floor-to-ceiling windows and beige couches.

She danced and shook her hips around with a funny face, and on top of the video was written, “Woman who says she’s not hungry while her man is picking up food.”

In a second clip, Iskra’s husband, Philip Payne, was also seen dancing in a black sweatshirt, and on top of that clip was written, “Man who is starving cus his ‘not hungry’ woman ate all his food.”

The pair danced to Pretty Boy Swag by Soulja Boy, and the caption advertised the latest episode of their new podcast, Coupleish.

Iskra and her husband interviewed special guests for their podcast Coupleish

Iskra and Philip recently welcomed their first guests on the show, Amber and Ethan Diamond, who met on the MTV reality show, Are You The One? during its first season 9 years ago.

In a clip shared on Iskra’s Instagram page, Amber talked about almost quitting the show because she didn’t feel an immediate connection with anyone. However, while other drama was happening in the house, she and Ethan had a chance to talk without cameras and felt a bond.

The pair now have two daughters and live in Austin, Texas, per Iskra’s Instagram caption.

She also wrote in the caption, “These two radiate joy and we had to know how they got over the 7 year marriage itch, raise their daughters to love both their parents different cultures and what on earth it was like falling in love with the whole world watching on a reality show!”

New episodes of the Coupleish podcast premiere every Friday. Iskra and Philip answer questions, spill their own tea and talk to special guests about everything involving love and relationships.

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