Is Towanda Braxton pregnant?

Towanda Braxton
Tamar questions Towanda Braxton about her pregnancy. Pic credit: WeTV.

In last night’s episode of Braxton Family Values titled Whine Country, Tamar noticed that Towanda refused to drink wine during dinner leading to more suspicion that she may be pregnant.

Tamar asks her sister directly if she is pregnant but Towanda does not respond. Sean, who is sitting right next to her, pretends like he can’t hear the question when he’s interrogated about the potential pregnancy.

Tamar doesn’t take no for an answer and toast to the couple’s alleged unborn baby.

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This latest speculation about whether or not Towanda is pregnant comes after she’s dropped previous clues about the status of her uterus.

In the previous episode, during a discussion about the sister trip to Napa Valley, Towanda Braxton abruptly left the conservation to vomit, which left her sister and viewers wondering if she is pregnant.

Braxton Family Values fans noticed that Towanda is finally happy in her new relationship with Sean Hall. The 45-year-old debuted her new boyfriend on Instagram earlier this year and pregnancy rumors soon followed.

Towanda took to Twitter to seemingly deny that she is pregnant but the mother of two did not rule out having a child with Sean.

In response to a tweet quoting the following “She, she, she ain’t pregnant yet!,” Towanda added the Braxton Family Value hashtag in confirmation.

So it looks like Towanda Braxton is not pregnant ‘yet’ but viewers will have to tune in next week on Braxton Family Values for any potential reveals.

Braxton Family Values airs Thursdays at 9/8c on WEtv.

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