Is Lil Tecca dead? Rapper responds to death hoax that claims he was shot dead

Lil Tecca dead prank
Lil Tecca responds to his death hoax when a fan asked if he is dead. Pic credit: Lil Tecca/YouTube

Lil Tecca isn’t dead, but that hasn’t stopped the Ransom rapper from being targeted in another social media death hoax.

A viral fake news story claims that the 17-year-old rapper is dead from multiple gunshot wounds in New York has been shared over 50,000 times on Facebook and Twitter. The hoax left many fans wondering if the rapper is really dead.

The 17-year-old rapper has responded to the viral hoax story and remained active on his Twitter account with his last tweet stating that “we Are gon win no matter how much they want us to lose hahaaaa.”

Despite his social media activity, some fans still questioned whether he is alive. “omg everybody keeps saying he died,” one fan responded. Another fan asked the rapper “Why People Saying U Dead?” to which he responded “they want attention.” You can see the Twitter exchange below.

Lil Tecca released his debut mixtape last month. It’s called We Love You Tecca.  After the successful release of his first project, the rapper flirted with retirement earlier this month despite his short career.  “Could care less bout sum $$ if im not happy,” Tecca tweeted. “Hate this s**t. I love y’all but this s**t won’t b continuing as long as y’all thought.”

The rapper told his fans that he will make an official announcement if he is retiring and stated the following about hip hop trends.

“At least I tell y’all what ima do before I do it,” Tecca wrote on Twitter and continued “there’s like 30 other rappers that sound just like me y’all will b good.”

The Lil Tecca death hoax appears to be a prank to drive traffic to fake news websites. The rapper is alive and is scheduled to go on tour next month.

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