Is Lele Pons really pregnant? Fans confused after latest video

Lele Pons and Twan Kuyper
Lele Pons has fans confused after a possible pregnancy announcement. Pic credit: Lele Pons/YouTube

Lele Pons teased big news on YouTube as she posed in a car with Twan Kuyper while blocking traffic. She announced that they were headed to the pharmacy for a test because she thought they might be pregnant.

Soon after announcing their possibly very exciting news, Lele jumps out of the car to argue with a driver behind them because they were blocking the road.

She returns to the camera to explain how they are ready for this next huge step in their lives as Twan ends up getting jumped by two women parked behind them.

“And we’re back,” Lele exclaims as Twan sits in the driver’s seat with a huge black eye. Clearly, this is a scripted video and it’s all pretty funny but they still haven’t been to the pharmacy and he’s not looking very pleased.

Once inside the store, as Lele and Twan attempt to pick out their pregnancy test, he is attacked again, this time by a little boy. This certainly isn’t going to make him want kids, that’s for sure!

When they get home, Lele Pons takes the pregnancy test and after 15 minutes of waiting and even more bathroom hilarity, she runs downstairs to announce that she’s pregnant.

When she gets no reaction at all, Lele says, “I’m pregnant, it’s not a prank.”

Twan responds, “I wish it was a prank.”

Does this mean that Lele Pons is actually pregnant? Or is this just a prank that she claims is not a prank?

The video cuts to the next day, where Lele and Twan announce that she’s pregnant to their families. After a bit of celebrating, his dad says, “Kitchen, now!”

In the end, the video cuts back to Stro hiding in the closet and we never really know if Lele Pons is pregnant or not.

Some fans even suggested in the comments section of the video that Lele may be getting an early start on an April Fools’ Day prank. That day is still two days away though, so let’s hope that’s not the case.

Many believe that Lele Pons may not be pregnant based on an Instagram photo she posted around the same time as the “We have big news” video.

In it, she’s posing in a very revealing costume for Ultra 2019, which means it would have been taken on March 29, the same day the video was posted.

In it, there are no signs of the pregnancy so if Lele Pons is expecting, she’d have to be very, very early as there are no baby bumps or visual pregnancy signs at all.

At this point, Lele says the pregnancy announcement is not a prank. We’ll just have to wait and see if she was serious or not.

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