Is Leafyishere dead? YouTube star hasn’t been seen for months

Leafyishere Youtube inactivity
Leafyishere hasn’t uploaded a video since December 2017. Pic credit: Leafyishere/YouTube

Leafyishere was one of the most popular YouTubers before suddenly disappearing from the platform in December 2017.

His sudden departure from the internet has led many fans to believe he is dead. There has been no verifiable activity from Leafy in 2018 leading to further speculation. 

Who is Leafyishere? 

The American Youtuber has over 4.3 million subscribers and over 1 billion video views. Leafy, whose real name is Calvin Lee Vall, uploaded videos consistently with over 600 in total up until December 2017.  

Between 2015 and 2016 Leafy gained millions of fans and uploaded about 5-6 satire videos daily.

He had YouTube feuds with fellow YouTubers Keemstar, TommyNC2010 and iDubbz made a Content Cop video criticizing his content.

Some of Leafyishere’s subscribers were known for harassing the people he made YouTube videos criticizing.

Leafy’s last uploaded video is titled “this will make you cry” in which he criticizes Matthew Santoro. 

His disappearance led to many conspiracy theories including rumors that he is dead. Many fans have taken to social media platforms to question whether the once popular Youtuber is dead or pay their condolences.

Is Leafyishere dead? 

It is unclear why Leafyishere decided to quit making videos but the 23-year-old former Youtuber is not dead.

In his last YouTube video, Calvin stated that he had not been motivated to upload more videos.

Although Leafy had a solid fanbase, it appears that he has just decided to keep off social media for unknown reasons.

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