Is Kathryn Dennis engaged? Fans confused after Instagram post

Kathryn Dennis at the Southern Charm reunion.
Kathryn Dennis isn’t engaged but Southern Charm fans thought she may have been. Pic credit: Bravo

Kathryn Dennis’ love life has been a hot topic on Southern Charm. She began the season dating one guy and ended the season dating Hunter Price. While neither guy had mentionable screen time, her relationships have still made headlines.

Southern Charm is over for the season after a pretty rough reunion. Kathryn Dennis dealt with a lot while filming, including her on-going drama with Thomas Ravenel. She revealed that she slept with Whitney Sudler-Smith, though he denied the allegations on camera.

His denial came as a result of not wanting to be sucked into the custody drama between Dennis and T-Rav.

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At the Southern Charm reunion, her sobriety was challenged, and she admitted that she was still drinking. The cast members appeared to be confused by the revelation as they had tried to protect her from allegations of drinking, not knowing that wasn’t part of her sobriety journey.

Yesterday, Kathryn Dennis shared an Instagram photo of herself with a diamond ring on her left hand. It was on the ring finger, sparking speculation that she may be engaged. Of course, Southern Charm fans wanted all of the details.

According to People, Kathryn Dennis and Hunter Price are no longer together. They broke up earlier this month as their relationship had run its course. The pair began dating back in January and after eight months together, they have parted ways.

So, who is Kathryn Dennis engaged to? No one. There is reportedly no one special in her life right now as she is working on herself. Being on a reality show and having her life filmed and actions criticized hasn’t been easy for her.

A lot has happened since Kathryn Dennis joined Southern Charm. Things have changed and she has been through some tough things. Kathryn is working toward settling down and focusing on her children.

Southern Charm is expected to return to Bravo in 2020.

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