Is Kanye West missing? Here’s what we are hearing from his former business manager

Kanye West at the 2015 CFDA Fashion Awards
Kanye West has gone radio silent lately. Pic credit: © Callahan/ACE

After Kanye West lost his business partnerships due to his controversial remarks on the podcast Drink Champs, everyone just wanted him to stop talking and take a break from the public eye for a while.

He may have followed the suggestion because, according to his former business manager, Kanye is MIA and has been for weeks.

Thomas St. John, Kanye’s former business manager, has been trying to serve the disgraced rapper turned clothing designer legal documents. Thomas was suing Kanye for alleged breach of contract and stated in a court hearing that he could not locate him.

In the lawsuit, Thomas claims that he and Kanye had a wonderful working relationship where he served as the Chief Financial Officer of Kanye’s company Donda. Thomas says that Kanye agreed to pay him $300,000 monthly for his services, but after an “aggressive” meeting, Kanye stopped the payments, allegedly calling the agreement “bull****.”

Thomas claims he was supposed to be under an 18-month contract working for Donda. Thomas now wants the $4.5 million he is allegedly owed.

Kanye has also been missing from social media lately. However, it must be said that he was banned from Twitter and Instagram the last month for antisemitism.

Kanye’s ex-wife, Kim Kardashian, recently spoke to Angie Martinez and broke down in tears while describing how hard it is to co-parent with him. She didn’t say whether she had seen or heard from Kanye in the last several weeks.

Kanye West’s lawyers are also trying to locate him

Kanye’s lawyers at Greenberg Traurig are also reportedly having trouble locating him. The firm is trying to end its its representation of the rapper after his anti-Semitic remarks.

The law firm asked a court to remove them as Kanye’s representation in a copyright lawsuit over his Donda 2 project. The firm said in a statement, “This firm was founded by individuals who faced discrimination, and many of us lost ancestors because of that kind of hate and prejudice. Our firm has notified the courts that we wish to withdraw from our representations and are moving to do so.”

A judge granted the firm’s request to drop Kanye.

Kanye is facing eviction at his Calabasas office

Kanye’s Calabasas landlord is also looking for him. The musician allegedly hasn’t paid his rent for his Yeezy Apparel office space in two months and is claimed to owe over $63k in back rent.

Kanye has occupied the space since 2015. But now, the property’s landlord wants him out and has filed court documents asking him to be evicted.

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