Is John Goodman dead? The Conners actor is latest celebrity death hoax victim

John Goodman poses at the Love the Coopers premiere
John Goodman was at the center of the latest celebrity death hoax. Pic credit: ©

The Conners’ star, John Goodman, was the latest actor rumored to have passed away in a celebrity death hoax. Despite the rumors, the 70-year-old actor is seemingly still alive and well.

It is unclear what sparked the rumors that the actor had died. However, queries for the actor, alongside queries of his supposed death, rose sharply on Wednesday.

Neither Goodman nor his representatives have directly responded to the death hoax. There have been no reports, statements, or evidence to suggest that Goodman has passed, though.

Meanwhile, Goodman has been at the center of multiple celebrity death hoaxes since he first became active in the film industry. In the summer of 2022, a YouTube video racked up over 80,000 viewers with a misleading title that suggested Goodman had passed.

Throughout the years, other reports have swirled, alleging that Goodman died. Some reports even claimed he had passed away from a heart attack, similar to his character in Roseanne, before the storyline was retconned.

Despite the persistent rumors, there has never been any substance to these reports.

Is John Goodman alive?

Despite no evidence of Goodman’s passing nor a stable source for where the rumors started, some social media users are still convinced the actor passed away.

The actor has been the subject of multiple Reddit threads from users claiming they had a Mandela Effect experience with the actor. The Mandela Effect is a phenomenon where multiple individuals have the same false memories.

As recently as December 2022, a Reddit user swore that they remembered Goodman dying sometime in the 2010s after suffering a heart attack. The user claimed they remembered it “vividly” due to being a fan of the actor.

Similar threads were published insisting that the actor died years ago. In the comments, many attributed the false memories to confusion over Goodman’s Roseanne character dying.

Redditors comment on John Goodman's alleged death
Pic credit: u/sketchyvibes32/Reddit

Others suggested the users had confused Goodman with another deceased actor, such as John Candy or James Gandolfini.

Redditors comment on John Goodman's alleged death.
Pic credit: u/debooji/Reddit

While it is unclear why multiple people seem to remember Goodman passing away, it does provide some potential explanation for why the actor continues to be a victim of death hoaxes.

Who is The Conners’ actor Goodman?

Goodman is most well-known for starring as patriarch Dan Conner in the ABC series Roseanne and its sequel, The Conners. As said above, his character seemingly died of a heart attack in Roseanne before the death was rewritten as a fictional account by Roseanne (Roseanne Barr).

As a result, he returned for The Conners and has continued to star in the show, with Season 5 set to conclude later this month.

However, Goodman is known for much more than being Dan Conner. He gained early recognition for his roles in comedies like The Big Lebowski and O Brother, Where Art Thou?

Nowadays, he is known as a beloved voice actor in many prominent animated children and family films. He has voiced Pacha in The Emperor’s New Groove, Sully Sullivan in Monsters, Inc, and Baloo in The Jungle Book 2.

As of 2023, he is still slated to continue working on the TV shows The Conners, The Righteous Gemstones, and Monsters at Work.

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Heidi Christensen
Heidi Christensen
3 months ago

I am THRILLED he is still alive. I only know him from Rossane but I sure do like him.