Is Blac Chyna pregnant? ‘Baby bump’ makes appearance in new photos

Is Blac Chyna pregnant?
Blac Chyna poses with her meal for the ‘Gram — Blac Chyna/Instagram

Is Blac Chyna pregnant? This isn’t the first time the question has been asked in recent months but now, it looks harder for the former Kardashian wannabe to deny.

Photos of Blac Chyna attending her son’s graduation on Friday have surfaced and they’ve got everyone talking. It seems that the Instagram model may have used King Cairo’s kindergarten graduation as a way to let fans know that she’s expecting, though she hasn’t announced or confirmed anything yet.

In the paparazzi pictures, Chyna is wearing an incredibly low cut powder pink dress. It’s not unusual for her to wear form fitting clothing but Rob Kardashian’s ex is clearly not trying to cover up a very obvious bump.

If she is indeed expecting, this will be the third child for Blac Chyna. Her oldest, King Cairo, is fathered by Tyga and her daughter Dream is fathered by Rob Kardashian.

Chyna has been dating 18-year old rapper YBN Almighty Jay for several months now. The pair reportedly met on Christian Mingle and hit it off. During an interview with No Jumper, Blac Chyna’s much younger boyfriend talked about how they met. He also disclosed that he does not use condoms and that he wouldn’t be mad if she got pregnant.

The last round of Blac Chyna pregnancy rumors began in April but died down after no one confirmed and no other clues were dropped. Now, it looks like there’s plenty of reason to speculate and we can just wait for Chyna to either confirm, deny or give birth (a la Kylie Jenner.)

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