Is Beth Behrs from The Neighborhood pregnant? Online rumors persist

Two Broke Girls star Beth Behrs
Actress Beth Behrs plays Gemma on The Neighborhood. Pic credit:

Actress Beth Behrs has been the subject of pregnancy rumors on social media since she got engaged to Michael Gladis in July 2016.

The rumors took on a new life after the couple tied the knot in July 2018 during a wedding ceremony at Moose Creek Ranch in Victor, Idaho.

Behrs, best known for playing Caroline on the comedy series 2 Broke Girls, also plays Gemma on The Neighborhood.

Rumors that she is pregnant surfaced again recently and fans have been searching online for confirmation, while others took to social media to make inquiries.

Beth Behrs pregnancy story is fake news

The latest rumor that Behrs is pregnant appears to have originated from a fake news website. Some entertainment news websites helped to spread the hoax by sourcing their information from the fake news source and failing to take note of the disclaimers on the website that the story is false. In this case, the original article was called satire.

The website’s fake news story stated that recent speculation that Behrs is pregnant was sparked when she was spotted with a “prominent stomach bulge” while out on a dinner date with Gladis.

The story went on to falsely claim that a source said she twice made toasts with water instead of wine. They then claimed that the source added that this was highly unusual, and the website suggested it could indicate that Behrs was pregnant because pregnant women are not supposed to drink alcohol.

The fake news website also claimed that Behr’s refusal to confirm or deny the rumor through her representatives has caused speculation to flourish online.

Beth Behrs bio

Behr was born in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, on December 26, 1985, but was raised in Springfield and Lynchburg in Virginia. She attended E.C. Glass High School in Lynchburg before her family moved to Marin County, California, where she attended Tamalpais High School.

She studied acting at the UCLA School of Theater, Film, and Television. She also studied drama at the American Conservatory Theater in San Francisco.

Behrs and Gladis started dating in 2010. Gladis is best known for playing Paul Kinsey on AMC’s drama series, Mad Men.

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