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Is Belle Delphine dead? Cosplay model’s controversial ‘suicide’ video sparks rumor she died

Belle Delphine tik tok
A video by Belle Delphine sparked rumors she died. Pic credit: Belle Delphine/Instagram

Belle Delphine shared a controversial Instagram post with her 2.7 million followers yesterday — leading to fans flooding her comment section with RIP messages over fears she had died.

However, at the time of writing there has not been any confirmation that the 19-year-old British cosplayer — also known for her YouTube videos featuring her Tik Tok compilations and making ahegao faces — is actually dead.

Belle Delphine Instagram 'death' tributes
Some of the many “RIP” tributes on Belle Delphine’s latest post. Pic credit: @belle.delphine/Instagram

The rumor about Delphine’s “passing” appears to be related to her latest Instagram post. In it, the caption states next to a still image: “Swipe right for a public announcement from me”.

Then, in a video, Belle Delphine is shown dancing while a song about suicide plays in the background. The Instagram model then makes a gesture resembling someone being hanged before brandishing a gun. 


Belle Delphine has a Patreon account with over 2000 patrons. Her most recent post on the platform was on February 18th, the same day she posted the video on Instagram.

She had a total of 2.7million Instagram followers at the time of writing

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