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Is Bamboo Manalac dead? Rumors appear to be yet another death hoax

Is Bamboo Manalac dead?
Is Bamboo Manalac dead? Pic credit: bamboomuzaklive/Instagram

It was reported today that Bamboo Manalac died after an auto accident in Quezon and the news spread fast across social media.

However, as with many stories like this over the past few years, it appears that it is another death hoax.

Is Bamboo Manalac dead?

Only one website broke the Bamboo Manalac death news and it was looking to be a scam. We won’t link to that site here but it included a video that required people to share it before they were allowed to watch it.

After sharing it, a video titled “BAMBOO MANALAC dies after being hit by a car crash in Quezon” played and it was clearly a fake news video. The entire story seems to have been set up just to add up the views for the video.

However, fans flooded social media and believed the news despite the fact that no legitimate news site had reported on it or confirmed it.

Clearly, people thought that it might be fake news as there was no true confirmation that Bamboo Manalac died.

Who is Bamboo Manalac?

Bamboo Manalac, also known as Bamboo, is a Filipino musician, singer, and songwriter. While he started his career as the frontman for Rivermaya, he later set out on his own in Bamboo.

Real name Francisco Gaudencio Lope Belardo Mañalac, he was born in 1976 in the Philippines and became a massive star in his home country.

He released three albums with Rivermaya from 1994-1997, four with Bamboo from 2004-2008, and two solo albums in 2012 (No Water, No Moon) and 2015 (Bless This Mess).

He also took his talents to television where he was the host/performer on ASAP 20 since 2012 and also served as a coach and judge on The Voice Kids in the Philippines.

In 2004 and 2005, Bamboo Manalac won the vocalist of the Year Award at the NU Rock Awards. He also won Best Performance by a Male Recording Artists in 2012 at the 25th Awit Awards.

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