Is B Simone pregnant? Star shows off bump on Instagram and fans are like WTF

B. Simone pregnancy
B Simone, who is currently starring in dating show You’re My Boooyfriend, has shown off an apparent baby bump on Instagram. Pic credit: Zeus Network/YouTube

B. Simone appears pregnant in her latest Instagram post — leaving many fans confused.

The singer, actress and comedian captioned the photo, “Baby bumping in my @fashionnova.” In a follow-up comment, the singer and comedian ask her 2.9 million followers “Who y’all think my baby daddy is?”

Many fans rushed to congratulate B. Simone, however many of her followers were more skeptical about her pregnancy. An Instagram comedian, Kendall Kyndall, commented that B. Simone has a “food baby” while many other fans joked about being the father.

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B. Simone’s responses to comments under the Instagram post announcing her pregnancy seem to allude to the baby bump being real — or else the comedian is really dedicated to the hoax.

YouTuber Briana Monique commented “Finally the cats out the bag!” to which B. Simone responded, “finally sis.”

Desi Banks also commented “Chill bra” on B. Simone’s baby bump photo leading many fans — including Chance the Rapper, who also posted a comment — to link him to being the baby’s father.

Confusing fans further, B. Simone currently stars in a dating TV series You’re My Boooyfriend on The Zeus Network where the social media star is looking for a boyfriend.

In the trailer for You’re My Boooyfriend, B. Simone stated that she has been single for seven years but denies being celibate.

B. Simone does not appear to have a baby bump in photos posted the day before her “baby bump” pic.

Do you think B. Simone is pregnant? Leave your thoughts in the comment section below.

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Brielle Harrington
Brielle Harrington
4 years ago

WTF B Simone?!