Is 50 Cent the president of Sallie Mae? Jokes abound after rapper puts Rotimi on blast over alleged debt

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50 Cent is coming for his money, so if you owe him you better pay up! Pic credit: ©

Anyone who owes 50 Cent money should be shaking in their boots. The multi-talented rapper/producer/actor has been calling out anyone and everyone who owes him money lately and his tactics have been ruthless.

Fif has been using social media to call out and publicly shame other celebs including Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood’s Teairra Mari, Vanderpump Rules’ Randall Emmett and now Power star Rotimi over money he says they owe him.

In Teairra’s case she owes him attorney fees from a failed lawsuit, while Randall Emmett already paid up. Rotimi claims he doesn’t owe his Power co-star a single cent but that hasn’t stopped 50 Cent from demanding $300,000 back from the actor.

50 Cent’s debt collection tactics have been talked about quite a bit lately, drawing comparisons to that of a mob boss or a loan shark but the latest is actually pretty entertaining. Could he be tapped to take on the efforts of collecting on defaulted student loan debt?

50 Cent taking over Sallie Mae?

Right now, the joke is that 50 Cent is going to take over as president of Sallie Mae. After all, millions of Americans owe the student loan servicer so why not have 50 Cent do the dirty work in an effort to get everyone to pay up?

Comedian Shuler King shared a video on YouTube poking fun at the 50 Cent Sallie Mae possibilities, going on for nearly four minutes about how scary it would be to have 50 Cent and G-Unit come calling to collect on the debt.

A crying Shuler called 50 Cent’s takeover of Sallie Mae “tragic news.”

“They told me that 50 Cent just became the president of Sallie Mae,” Shuler said. “What are we supposed to do now?”

“I used to just be able to tell them when they called that ‘I ain’t got it,'” Shuler said, making reference to Teairra Mari’s new catchphrase. “Fifty ain’t going for that man! He is not gonna go… He ain’t gonna go for ‘I ain’t got it.’ He gonna send the whole G-G-G- G-Unit to come and get the money. I ain’t got it. What am I gonna do? I ain’t got that kinda money.”

Be sure to watch the whole Shuler King video for a good laugh at the latest 50 Cent Sallie  Mae jokes.

The internet jokes about 50 Cent and Sallie Mae

Shuler King isn’t the only one teasing about 50 Cent’s debt collection practices. Social media is full of jokes about the way he comes calling for those who owe and, again, Sallie Mae came up in the conversation.

While we wait for 50 Cent to pop up again with the next poor soul who owes him money, imagine how much more relentless Sallie Mae would be with him at the helm!

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