Irina Shayk stuns backstage before fake lion head outrage

Irina Shayk
Irina Shayk attends fashion week. Pic credit: © Acepixs

Irina Shayk was at the forefront of a controversial Schiaparelli fashion week moment, but she looked gorgeous in the process.

The Russian stunner appeared at Paris Fashion Week, where well-known names descended onto the City of Lights to celebrate art. Other famous faces at Paris Fashion Week have included Naomi Campbell and Kylie Jenner, the latter of whom also attended the Schiaparelli show.

The model’s look gave a whole new meaning to wearing animal products, as fans would soon learn.

The ex of actor Bradley Cooper shared an Instagram carousel featuring her look at the Schiaparelli show.

Irina posted the pictures on Instagram for her 20.8 million followers. While she received a lot of love in the form of likes, there were also many detractors who decried the depiction of trophy hunting.

The series of photos depicted her arrival at the event, as well as a backstage shot and a sketch of her outfit.

Irina Shayk stuns at Schiaparelli with a fake lion head

The first image featured Irina standing tall and looking straight ahead while wearing a black dress. The asymmetrical dress featured one sleeve and fabric touching the floor, but it wasn’t the dress that took center stage — she also wore a giant lion head over her bodice that was hard to miss. The lion head looked incredibly real, although it was the work of tireless hours of designing.

A swipe right showed a sketch of the look, showing fans the vision of the designer before it became a reality.

Another picture revealed the back of Irina’s dress, with an assistant tightening the string on a black corset, which was also part of the gown.

A black and white shot showed Irina in selfie mode as an assistant took her measurements while rocking her underwear.

Irina revealed in a caption accompanying the images that the use of a lion was symbolic, representing pride and strength.

Irina’s caption read, in part, “I support these incredible artists who worked tirelessly, with their hands, using wool, silk, and foam, to sculpt this embroidered Lion, and image of Pride, An image that @schiaparelli invokes while exploring themes of strength.”

While Irina took a positive tone and expressed delight over the faux animal creation, not everyone appeared pleased. A quick look at Irina’s comment section showed some discontent amongst followers.

irina comments
Pic credit: @irinashayk/Instagram

One commenter wrote, “I am an environmentalist and I don’t like this message! Please reconsider it!”

Another exclaimed, “Absolutely NOOO !!!”

One person explained why they felt the fake lion head was inappropriate, writing, “Nope nope nope. Doesn’t matter what it is made out of, what it could represent (headhunting, animal cruelty,etc) means it crossed a line.”

Regardless of detractors, Irina expressed a love for the arts.

As it turns out, fashion isn’t the only art that Irina appreciates.

Irina Shayk’s jiu-jitsu workout

Irina certainly has a love for martial arts and has incorporated different types of fitness into her workout routine.

The model spoke with Women’s Health via Elle, where she explained why she loved jiu-jitsu.

She said, “Because there’s so many possible move combinations, it’s brilliant for constantly challenging my body and pushing it to exhaustion every time.”

The model also explained her love for boxing, breaking a sweat, and the sculpting powers of Barre.

Unlike many people, Irina inherited good genes and acknowledged her genetic luck in an interview with PEOPLE.

Irina continues to surprise as a trendsetter and trailblazer in the industry.

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