Irina Shayk shares her weekend face mask in black and white

irina shayk face
Irina Shayk struck a pose with an elegant vibe. Pic credit: ©

Irina Shayk got in some extra hydration before a night on the town, applying a face mask while dressed glamorously.

The model went into selfie mode for the share as she captured her reflection in a mirror.

Irina rocked black gloves and a matching maxi skirt that flared at the ends. Her brown tresses were pulled back, and she wore a sheet mask on her face.

The background was worth noting because the architecture and designs were beautiful. It was clear that Irina wasn’t simply posing in a mansion, and instead, she stood in a building with history and lovely antiques.

There was a crystal chandelier just above Irina’s head, adding an extravagant vibe to the chic picture. A beautifully-upholstered chair sat behind Irina, also adding to the opulence of the shot.

Anyone who has been to Paris could spot the Haussmannian influences, seen in the tiled black and white floor.

irina mask
Pic credit: @irinashayk/Instagram

In case anyone had a doubt, Irina shared a jam-packed IG carousel where she referenced the City of Light and shared more gorgeous pictures.

Irina Shayk strikes a pose in Paris

Irina started the carousel strong, raising both arms in the air with opera gloves on her hands. She looked elegant in all-black as she channeled her inner Parisian.

The second photo showed Irina striking a different pose in front of a beautifully-designed fireplace.

Another shot included a bag by Maison Alaïa, the brand that Kaia Gerber has represented.

Subsequent pictures revealed Irina working her angles and looking gorgeous. She posed on a sectional couch and showed her versatility and talent for the impromptu apartment shoot.

From the images, it looked like Irina was born to be a model.

As she revealed, her genetics have played a big role in her figure today.

Irina Shayk’s workout and diet

Some models follow an incredibly strict diet, but Irina Shayk isn’t one of those people.

She caught up with PEOPLE and shared information about her workout and diet preferences, explaining that she works out a lot because she loves to eat.

Irina said, “I really, really love food. And I don’t understand how people don’t eat. I do eat everything.”

She continued, “I have good genes [so] I thank my family.”

Irina explained, “But I work out a lot. I do boxing, I do a little jiu-jitsu which I am obsessed with. It is so much fun [and] I have the best trainer. You have to find the best workout for your body. You have to balance between eating and working out.”

Irina’s balance between indulging and working out has clearly worked well for her.

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