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Irina Shayk in a hot pink bikini slays Barbiecore trend

Irina Shayk
Russian model Irina Shayk is hopping on the latest Barbie fashion trend in a pink bikini. Pic credit: © Mayhew/Landmark Media

Russian model Irina Shayk is hopping on the Barbiecore fashion train as she flaunts her toned physique in a hot pink bikini.

The Barbiecore trend has taken over as Barbie seems to be receiving new-gained popularity with the new live-action Barbie move set to release in July 2023.

The trend is fairly simple: Put together an outfit in Barbie’s signature pink color, and viola, that’s a Barbiecore outfit.

Many celebrities have taken part in the trend, including Megan Fox, Kim Kardashian, and Hailey Bieber.

Irina ushered Wednesday in with a clip of herself swimming in a bikini in Barbie’s hot bubblegum pink shade.

The video is taken from a distance as the camera zooms in and out to watch the model as she gracefully twirls her arms and legs while floating on her back in a large, private pool.

Irina Shayk shows off fit physique in hot pink bikini

The seconds-long video clip opens with a zoomed-in shot of Irina in the pool. Her dark hair floats behind her as she gracefully kicks her legs in the water.

The camera zooms out as she raises her arms and pushes herself back in the pool.

She shared the post with her 19 million followers and has so far gained over 213,000 likes since it was posted, with the number steadily increasing.

The short video clip shows Irina living a life of luxury, likely on vacation away from her New York home.

However, Irina’s life wasn’t always glamorous, as growing up in Russia proved to be difficult for her and her family.

Irini Shayk on surviving in Russia without her father

Irina was born and grew up in the Russian town of Yemanzhelinsk, which she tells Vogue is “in the middle of nowhere in Russia.”

Her father worked as a coal miner, and her mother played piano as a pianist- though Irina notes that it was hard for her to find work as a musician, so her mother played piano for kindergarteners.

Talking about growing up in her hometown, Irina said, “It was a very simple life: one main street, no movie theatre, no restaurants. I lost my father when I was 14. He was the healthiest man alive, and at 44, out of the blue, he was coughing for a while then got pneumonia and died. Me, my mom, and my sister were left. Three women.”

The loss hit her family hard, but they were able to survive. “[My mother] was terrified. But I think what is very special about the Russian woman, and women in general, is they always shape up in the right moment.”

She revealed that even when her father was alive, they learned how to survive very early because it’s not an option to not know how to survive in Russia.

“In summer you grow vegetables and bury them, so in wintertime you have potatoes, carrots, everything, so you can survive. When I moved to New York, I was shocked that people go to the supermarket and buy potatoes. I was like, ‘That’s crazy.'”

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