Irina Shayk goes retro for Vogue Mexico

irina shayk appears at WSJ Magazine 2019 Innovator Awards Sponsored By Harry Winston And Remy Martin held at MOMA
Irina Shayk revealed several shots from her latest Vogue Mexico appearance. Pic credit: @irinashayk/Instagram Pic credit: ©

Russian model Irina Shayk is no stranger to modeling for various magazine covers, including the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue, which she’s been part of 10 times.

However, she recently revealed photos as she modeled several unique retro styles to set temperatures soaring as she’ll grace another cover — Vogue Mexico.

Shayk showed only a selection of looks from her latest magazine appearance, as she’ll be on the April 2023 cover and inside the magazine’s interior yet again. She previously appeared in Vogue Mexico in 2014, 2017, and 2019.

The former Sports Illustrated Swimsuit cover model unveiled a selection of shots from her magazine shoot to her 21.4 million followers on Instagram.

For her first sizzling image, she donned a long faux fur coat mainly consisting of shades of brown, including large dark brown belts or wraps which hung past her knees. Shayk’s oversized coat also featured grey fur on a portion of the sleeves for a truly unique look.

Tiny bikini bottoms were visible, revealing her long legs, and she wore a pair of black boots to complete the striking look.

Irina Shayk shares unique photos from her Vogue Mexico shoot

Shayk’s first of three looks for Vogue Mexico featured the stunning model standing before a large stone wall with green foliage at the very top. Based on details from the publication, her faux-fur coat is from Rokh, and she is wearing items from Theophilio.

In the second slide of her post, the Russian model shared a close-up headshot that has her wrapping an animal print fur around her face. According to Vogue Mexico, she donned a coat from Dolce & Gabanna for this shot.

Her lashes are among the main stars of the photo as they brilliantly extend out around her eyes with noticeable black and brown colors.

For her final slide, the striking model poses before a pond or marsh area. She’s again donned a fur jacket, although this one is shorter and ends just below her waist.

Underneath, Shayk wears a black and grey tile pattern skirt with high slits on the sides, revealing more of her legs. She holds up part of her fur coat, almost as if covering herself from the sun or other elements, as she stares intently at the camera.

This particular look featured a jacket and skirt from Alaia, with a Crudo Cuban necklace from Tetetlan Neighborhood Store.

Shayk has on a light green eye shadow as part of her makeup, and it seems to be the perfect shade with the green foliage and its reflection on the water behind her.

Shayk credited all of those who helped with her captivating look, including makeup artist Sam Visser as well as Vogue Mexico’s fashion editor and stylist Valentina Collado.

Based on the publication’s article, Shayk’s array of gorgeous photos were brilliantly captured by Inez & Vinoodh.

Irina Shayk says she has ‘good genes,’ but there’s more to her fitness

Shayk continues to look incredible in all the outfits she models, and the latest selections for Vogue Mexico are no exception. The 37-year-old model spoke with Women’s Health several years ago about her diet and fitness.

She credits “good genes,” which help her have a “fast metabolism.” However, that doesn’t mean she can eat anything she wants all day. While she revealed she might enjoy a burger with fries and a Sprite, she shared that she typically eats a lighter meal later, such as steamed fish with grilled veggies.

“I’m from Russia, so I’ve been brought up on hearty food like meat and dumplings and potato stews in big warming portions, but if I’m preparing for a shoot or show, I’ll eat particularly clean – salads and soups – to ensure a flat stomach,” Shayk shared.

As for her fitness, she incorporates barre full-body workouts and jiu-jitsu, the latter of which Shayk said she took up due to despising traditional cardio.

“I started jiu-jitsu with my personal trainer and it’s great. It’s a Japanese self-defence discipline, but because there’s so many possible move combinations, it’s brilliant for constantly challenging my body and pushing it to exhaustion every time,” she told WH.

While those aspects of her diet and workouts were revealed a few years ago, one has to believe she still incorporates them into her 2023 routine.

Either way, whatever Shayk has been doing recently is working, as she looks fantastic in her upcoming shots from Vogue Mexico!

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