Ireland Baldwin sports bikini to celebrate six-month mark of pregnancy

Ireland Baldwin poses at an event
Ireland Baldwin revealed her 6-month baby bump while wearing a string bikini. Pic credit: ©

While some pregnancies can cause a mother-to-be to feel slightly less secure in showing some skin, the same does not appear to ring true for model Ireland Baldwin.

The 27-year-old daughter of Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger and cousin to fellow model Hailey Bieber looks to be reveling in her first pregnancy as the star continues to confidently show her burgeoning bump in minimal attire.

For her latest online share, Ireland gave her fans a fun look at her growing belly while celebrating the new milestone in her pregnancy.

“6 months! Time for a Super Bowl of vanilla ice cream with hot sauce in it. Happy Sunday!” she joked, using Super Bowl Sunday for her hilarious pun.

Ireland looked sensational as she struck a pose in a string bikini, showing her side profile and straight-on pics. Her bump was clearly evident from all perspectives as she beamed proudly for the shots.

With her recently-buzzed hair looking a bit longer as auburn strands formed a halo around her head, Ireland started off her share with a look at her bump from the side in her lime-green two-piece.

Her multitude of arm tattoos was also visible down her left side as she turned her head and flashed a radiant smile with her hands on her hips.

Ireland’s next snap showed the model serving some major looks while standing in a doorway, reaching her arms above her head to grip the frame and bending one knee in front of the other for extra flair.

Ireland Baldwin shares bikini pics to show her baby bump

Calligraphy ink was visible along her ribcage, and a smattering of other designs decorated her legs and ankles.

For her third snap, Ireland returned to her original side pose, with the lens zooming in to show her from the torso up as she gave another smile while resting her chin on her shoulder.

Her body art was more visible in this snapshot, and the standouts included a David Bowie design on her upper arm and a boot inked just below the hemline of her bikini bottoms.

Ireland’s final shot had the star looking radiant and blissful as she rested her hand on her belly and looked down at her Husky, who had joined the model for her photoshoot.

As the PETA advocate prepares to welcome her first child with her boyfriend, Andre Anjos, sometime in the next few months, becoming a mom is not the only thing on the docket for Ireland as she and her beau continue to work on opening their own shop.

Ireland Baldwin and her boyfriend Andre Anjos prepare to open their own wine bar and cafe called Good Times

Desiring to move away from the hectic lifestyle that came with living in Los Angeles, Ireland and Andre decided to move from California up to the coast of Oregon during the height of the coronavirus pandemic so they could start a fresh and less stressed life together.

The move proved fortuitous for Ireland as she quickly befriended the owner of a local pub called Sweet Shop, and the two got to talking.

Ireland learned that owner Traci Williams had plans to retire, and the two agreed that Ireland would be a great fit to take over control and ownership of the historic site.

Flash forward to the present day, and Ireland and André are now aiming to open up Good Times sometime this year, with the duo’s vision including offering the public a fresh place to hang out.

The newly-minted establishment aims to please all sorts of beverage drinkers, providing coffee drinks in a more traditional cafe setting during the day before serving up delicious wines to nighttime visitors in the evenings.

Along with selling drinks to patrons, the couple has plans to add a boutique on the side of the building, hoping to sell a variety of items like pet supplies, pantry items, and skincare products.

“Most of the brands we’re working with are my friends,” Ireland shared with Eater. “So it’s a communal thing with the boutique and cafe because we’re all kind of a family that’s working on this together.”

With a baby on the way, time will tell as to exactly when Good Times will open its doors to the public, but fans can be sure the driven model will undoubtedly not let them down.

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