Ireland Baldwin shares mom Kim Basinger’s reaction to strip club baby shower

Kim Basinger
Kim Basinger seemed a little out of place at her daughter’s strip club baby shower. Pic credit: ©

Ireland Baldwin seemed to take the idiom “march to the beat of your own drum” personally when she and her partner, musician RAC, decided on their baby shower.

The event was anything but traditional as it took place at a strip club with lap dances and dollar bills abound.

The 27-year-old model looked overjoyed in all of the pictures from her baby shower, but she revealed that mom Kim Basinger wasn’t as thrilled with the occasion.

According to Ireland, Kim was completely out of place at the strip club party but nevertheless was supportive of her daughter.

“She was totally mortified,” Ireland revealed on the High Low with EmRata podcast.

Apparently, Kim wasn’t just “mortified,” but she seemed to have no idea how to process the event and spent some time by herself instead.

Here’s what Kim Basinger did during Ireland Baldwin’s strip club baby shower

Ever the supportive mother, Ireland revealed that Kim definitely saw her and her boyfriend “get lap dances from eight strippers on the stage.”

“I think she was just like, ‘What is happening right now?'” Ireland revealed.

Plus, she wasn’t sure what to do at the event.

“She didn’t even know what to do with the money,” Ireland added, “She threw a crumpled dollar bill as fast and as hard as she could … because she was so scared.”

However, Kim wasn’t going to let her uncertainty ruin her daughter’s baby shower and opted to “hide in a corner” with some pinot grigio and let the kids have their fun.

Fortunately, Ireland is ever the realist and knew that not everyone would enjoy the strip club shower, and specifically didn’t invite most people that would be uncomfortable at the event.

Ireland Baldwin left ‘Christian family’ members out of the strip club

Rather than make things awkward, Ireland and her boyfriend opted to be selective with their baby shower’s guest list.

Her boyfriend’s parents “thankfully” missed the event, and her father, Alec Baldwin, was also nowhere to be seen for the occasion.

However, Ireland noted that her “Christan family” also wasn’t there and that they hadn’t even been invited to the baby shower to begin with.

The strip club baby shower was certainly unconventional and untraditional, but Ireland and crew had a great time nevertheless, clearly making the right choice to leave out some people who would be made uncomfortable at the event.

Hopefully, there are no hard feelings about the lack of invites, but in either case, baby Holland is going to be taken care of and well-loved; Ireland has made sure of that.

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